Give the Man a Chance: Rules for Letting Daddy Learn How to Father

Before I begin, I want to acknowledge that not all babies are born into homes with both a mother and father. Many babies are welcomed into homes with any number of different parenting scenarios. I must say, however, that I particularly like to lovingly poke fun at daddies and how mamas treat daddies. So, for the purposes of this blog, “partner” will be played by the role of “daddy.”  But grandmas, partners, and support people are all included.Rules for Letting Daddy Learn How to Father...more

One Year

One year today.  I lost my daddy.  To cancer.One whole year.How did that happen?  It seems like last week, some days.  Last week.Others?  A million years.  So much can happen in one year....more

The Pain You Feel Today is the Strength You Feel Tomorrow

Today, for no particular reason, I am missing my father something awful. Grief is a bitch. Some days I'm fine; can take on the world, other days I'm just loathsome and sad. I try to keep in the tears, but then my heart feels like it is going to explode. Grief really is a bitch....more

Screw the Dealership: I MacGyvered My Key Fob

My key fob on my Honda croaked.  No big … I took my husband’s extra key.  BACK-UP!Then?  The OTHER one croaked.  Within a week … wt … how does THAT happen?...more
Linda Anselmi thank you so much...I felt like a rockstar doing something that would make daddy ...more

The date...

Dates hold such significance for people.  Birthday, wedding date, even holidays, but it's other dates that just a handful of people are even aware of that I realize now hold more significance than all the other dates combined.January 2:  Mom had a doctors appointment and asked me to stay with him.  We drank coffee, told silly jokes and laughed.January 3:  Mom called to tell me she was calling the ambulance to take him to the hospital, he had a fever that wouldn't break and congestion, she feared he had aspiration pneumonia, she was right.  ...more

He's been gone 20 years

When I was five years old my family received the dreaded knock on the door. I'm sure you've heard about this knock. I'm prayin you've never had to experience it for yourself. But this knock is every military families worst nightmare. Men in uniforms came to our door to inform my mother that my daddy had been killed. My daddy was in the Army. He was in Somalia in 1993 with Operation Restore Hope. He was killed on Aug 8 by a road side bomb....more Suckfest 2013

As some of you have read, my 2013 has sucked the biggest of all sucks.  Appendicitis, loss of my beloved Daddy, Levaquin that caused adverse reaction in knees, lots of sickness, on and on and on.Suckfest…2013 Tour.  Full.  Effect.And now we get to Thanksgiving….time to give thanks for all that we have.  For the year.  For the times…for….....more

Daddy Dearest

Many are posting about gratitude daily this month. Today, I want to share how grateful I am for my daddy. He is no perfect dad, but then again, I am no perfect daughter and I am certainly no Mary Poppins. ...more

Daylight Savings Time and The Night I Missed Carol Burnett

“Y’all have to go to bed early tonight.”“Why?”“Because the time changes, and we have to move the clocks forward an hour." “No, we don’t. We turn them back an hour. We get to stay up an hour later.”...more
Hahahahaha! Calling for time. I remember that.more

The Book

Once upon a time, there lived 3 Pretty Girls. They must have been princesses, because their daddy was a King. Each girl held a cherished secret. Each one knew that she was their daddy’s favorite. They knew this, because he told them so. He sat them in his lap individually and repeatedly and whispered, “Do not tell the others, but you are my favorite.” They never told each other, for that was their treasure. ...more