Just one more reason why I love him...

Mr. C works long, hard hours.  The second he walks through our front door the kids jump up from whatever it is occupying them at the moment and run, screaming with delight into his arms. Every. Single. Day. There isn’t much time left between the moment he walks through the door and when he tucks them in, prays for them and says goodnight....more

A Big Man

February 15, 2013 will be the two year anniversary of my father’s passing.  As the day approaches, I’m often taken back to his funeral. Someone once told me that a funeral isn’t for the one that has died; it’s for the ones that that person left behind.  It’s a way for us to say goodbye and find some closure.  I didn’t say goodbye to my Daddy. I certainly don’t have, need, or want closure....more

A Special Daddy~Daughter Book

Last week I wrote about what a difficult time L has been having while J is away from home. In that post I mentioned I'd been working on a project to help L deal with the separation...and it's here! It arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon and I gave it to my two loves as soon as J got home from work last night. Now I can finally share it with all of you! ...more

Daddy's Girl

Jade Lee Ellen, my precious daughter, is a bona fide Daddy's Girl. We're talking OBSESSED with her daddy. She adores him with every fiber that's in her 4 year old body....more

Semantics and Secondary Growth

From the back of the line inside a trendy, suburban Starbucks, I had a vantage point to observe the scene and plenty of time to do it.A young couple stood face to face in front of me. His cream colored sweater emitted the scent of a spicy cologne. Her soft, strawberry-blond curls were tousled and the front of the locks around her face were anchored into place with a bobby pin or two....more
 @Kraken p.p.s.  I just now realized I ended my comment to @edavis with an "eh?" as well.  What ...more