Catching up with my guys

I was traveling for work last week and really missed my guys. The week before I left, I had gotten into the habit of playing card games with my son in the morning, and I missed that special time while I was away. My son missed me, too, but he did have lots of fun with his Daddy. Which is good, because Dads are important....more

Karl Jones, Author, Speaker, Brian Tracy Coach, Helps Dads Make Instant Income

Hey Guys, Karl Jones Here! Am sharing with you today the top issue that keeps many Stay at Home Dads awake at night MONEY. Yep that's right. In fact money is one of the TOP reasons why people get DIVORCED, its even higher than cheating.  ...more

What My Husband ISN'T Getting for Father's Day

Once again, Father’s Day has completely snuck up on me. Yeah, yeah, I know it comes the second Sunday in June every year. But, see, I’m too busy being a MOTHER to have time to remember such things. So, I scramble yet again to find a meaningful, useful, and CHEAP Father’s Day gift for my husband.What I know he really wants…. A blowjob....more

Area Dad Repeats Himself After Promising Not To

In what his wife calls a “totally typical” turn of events, a Pennsylvania man told his children something again, after announcing that he would not tell them that thing again, under any circumstances.Roger Ritter, 45, does this at least once a day and sometimes twice, according to his wife of 8 years.  “He gets frustrated ...more

As seen on TV: Doofus Dads

I know a lot of sitcoms from the 1980s: The Cosby Show, Growing Pains, Webster, Small Wonder, Whose the Boss?, My Two Dads, Diff'rent Strokes, Family Ties, The Wonder Years...there are a lot of them. Their theme songs get stuck in my head sometimes and I can recall a fair amount of the plot lines. I can also recall that they were fun for the whole family to watch....more

Why you are your mother

Somewhere in the ever-growing list of apologies to my Mother, I am making a point. (It's subtle, but it's there.) The point is that my Mom knew what she was doing when she was raising me and that she showed me lots of love and support every day. Those are just a few of the reasons I find myself incorporating some of the things she did into my own parenting style....more

11 Things Dads Don't Do

1. Fingernails. Think for a minute: when was the last time your husband a) noticed one of your kids' fingernails had become jagged little weapons or b) searched for one of the dozen pairs of fingernail clippers wedged between the couch cushions to trim them back? My husband wears with pride his refusal to touch this task with a ten foot pole. Maybe he's seen me struggling with wiggly toddlers and minuscule baby claws one too many times?...more

Baby Number 4 is on the Way: Are We the Duggars of NYC?

As we were sitting on the couch in post-confrontational silence, my wife reached into her bag and pulled out a pregnancy test. I stared back at the plus sign. I hadn’t seen it coming. A slow buildup of stomach acid, mixed with other junk, churned in my stomach and rotated from my throat and back. My hands trembled as I handed the test back to my wife. Her eyes reflected the churning of my stomach. Four kids. Four kids in New York City. As far as New York standards go, you might as well be a Duggar if you have that many....more

5 Meaningful Ways To Spend Father's Day With Dad

Father’s Day doesn’t have to be just another hallmark holiday or a rushed brunch in a crowded restaurant. This father’s day, forego the usual frenetic pace of shopping for the perfect gift and long lines at dining establishments. Tailor your day with dad to create memories that linger long after Father’s day has come and gone....more

How to speak the language of Mom

Mmmmmmmmm....mah...mah...mah! Mmmmmmmmm....mah...mah...mah! That is an approximation of the sounds I often made at my son when he was about four months old. As I made those sounds, I gave him a big smile to show him how much fun it was to make those sounds. ...more