Where Have All the Respectable Dads on TV Gone?

Certain themes in education were trendy as I earned my teaching credential in the mid-1990s. Gender equity in the classroom was heating up as studies showed boys hogged all the attention in classrooms, while girls fell silently behind....more
 @pauline I agree, Pauline.  Andy Griffith wouldn't even be thought of today, sadly.more

Things You Should Know About Your Father

Dear Anna and Kellen,...more

Martin's Blog: Are You Dad Enough?

(Over the past ten years, my German husband Martin and I have blogged together on our Julie and Martin site. This is his recent post regarding magazine covers and how dads are represented or not in the media.)Maybe you have heard about the magazine cover featuring a mom nursing her three-year-old?I first heard about it on Facebook. Then Julie told me about it. And then we saw things about it on the news and on Saturday Night Live....more
My husband deeply appreciates this post. He hates how dads are portrayed by the media ... and ...more


Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You Do? A Safety Hero! From People Magazine- BY AUTHOR MELINDATRIPP Boy, 13, Saves School Bus After Driver Loses Consciousness By Alison Schwartz Tuesday April 10, 2012 11:00 AM EDT Jeremy Wuitschick Thanks for liking PEOPLE’s “Boy, 13, Saves School Bus After Driver Loses Consciousness”. Like PEOPLE on Facebook for breaking news, celebrity pictures, exclusive deals and mo As far as school days ago, there wasn’t much for 13-year-old Jeremy Wuitschick to look forward to....more

Dude, stop licking that....

In dealing with my 3 year old I've found it challenging to interact with him on pretty much every level that has made me a proud, responsible and productive member of society....more
Thanks for joining us ... good to hear from a dad sharing curveballs of parenting!   Welcome, Isabelmore

US Census Bureau to Dads: You're No More than a Babysitter

The US Census Bureau has decided that fathers watching their children is “child care” but when moms watch their kids, it’s parenting. No, really. All of that “it’s not babysitting, it’s parenting” when daddy “watches” the kids has apparently been tossed out the window and set us back decades. And by us, I am not just referring to the women who are somehow deemed the “designated parent” when both parents are present in a household, but the men as well. Apparently they don’t matter....more
Very well written article. You are right, this is terrible, we need to move forward, not go back ...more

Father of the Year, or Creepy Man at the Playground

The other day Rob and I took the kids to the playscape at a nearby mall. Within five minutes, Rob was the pied piper to half a dozen kids who were alternately chasing him and being chased in a colossal game of hide and seek. Our boys, of course, loved every minute of it, and I loved watching how other kids were drawn into the mix. My favorite moment: twin girls followed him, saying, "Monster! Monster! Chase us!"...more
I'll admit my first thought would probably be 'Is this guy a creep?', but I would quickly shut ...more

Does having kids make men less sexy?

A new study says testosterone levels drop when guys have kids. Before your guy freaks out because he thinks this means his manhood suffers because of fatherhood, I've got a spoiler alert: Lower male testosterone levels in this study reflect an improved capacity to care for their children–and that in my opinion also means an improved ability to care for their mates which makes guys even sexier....more

A Father's Behavior

Last night, my husband and I were watching "Family Jewels" on A&E. If you are not familiar with the show, it follows KISS rocker, Gene Simmons, and his family around in a reality type setting. This particular show, Gene and Shannon, his girlfriend of many years, were spending time apart due to her anger over his infidelity. Gene had a therapist flown in from L.A. so he could show her how hard it was on tour to resist temptation....more

With Age Comes....

by Lianne Castelino www.whereparentstalk.com It still shocks people, even now, even after all this time.   And I am genuinely moved by the reactions - every single time. ...more