Tribute to Dads on Father’s Day

Dad I saw you cry when each baby was born. I saw you love those tiny things. As each baby slept on your chest, you were contorted into the most uncomfortable position, but did not move, protecting the wee one's nap. Later I saw you teach your kids to cut the grass, whether they wanted to learn or not. I saw you throw ball then chase squealing kids on hot summer days with huge water soaking squirt guns. I saw you walk the dog with your children....more

Thank you Victoria, yes a loving dad gives us a great launching pad for life. You are blessed.more

Why kids need fathers

When I was little, my dad worked a lot. Because his office was in our house, there were some nights when the work seemed to have no stopping hours. But my dad also knew he was missing out on us growing up, so he made it a point to fit time into his work schedule that included us kids. He’d set us up at the table so we could help him with some of the busy work....more

Dads are SO important. I enjoyed this read.....


For the love of coffee

I had my first cup of coffee when I was probably 13. It was loaded with cream, and had more sugar than should be consumed in a 24 hour period. But it gave me a powerful surge of energy. And it was how I realized that I loved coffee. I experimented with my coffee palate some over my teen years....more

Thank you Denise!more

The jig is up!

“Uh, Mom, Dad just told me he is the Easter Bunny!” My mouth dropped open and my eyes opened wide! “What, I had no idea I was married to a giant rabbit!” I guess I should now refer to my 44 year old spouse as Harvey. The confrontation continued as my darling 8 year old daughter came down from the master bedroom with a target bag filled with Easter basket contraband – leftover jelly beans, gummy bunnies and Twix bars. “Seeeeeeee, look what I found!...more

Does Depression Make Dads Spank Their 1-Year-Olds?

What is common is for the media to infer is that depressed parents abuse their children. This kind of thing always happens when stories come out about the negative effects of postpartum depression. It's not that there aren't any negative effects. There are. We can't ignore them. In fact, we really need to talk about them, not to make women who suffer feel guilty, but to make them aware that avoiding treatment is not an option. ...more

Only suitable for minors?:

Schoolchildrens' "spanking" related injuries (WARNING - These ...more

Motherly Advice

Sometimes you struggle so hard to feed your family one way, you forget to feed them the other way, with spiritual nourishment. Everybody needs that....more

Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures (Competing for Mama)

This post address some of our children's clinginess to their mothers.  Although it can be a hassle, it doesn't have to be so bad.......Clay

Moms, how have you prepared Dad for your daughter’s puberty?

As if we didn't have enough to do, now we have to get dads ready for our daughter's puberty too.  Only kidding with the sarcasm, because of course we should do that.  For the most part, because we are women, we have a greater understanding of our daughter's puberty experience.  We went through female puberty ourselves, for what for some of us seems like way too many years ago. ...more

Moment of the Week - 18

Gigglefest with Daddy!  Short and adorable video here:   I love my family!...more

Quick poll: Do you have a "hospital fantasy"?

Cross-posted from Working Moms BreakInspired by Ami's letter last week and the many comments that followed, I put together this quick poll.* I'm curious to see how many other moms and dads would feel lucky to get, say...bunion surgery, or maybe a minor concussion, if it meant a break from their daily obligations. Please share this with your friends. The more responses the better!...more