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I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all parents and kids are not created equally, but are wholly individual in personality and style....more

Happy Father's Day, Dads...

I would like to wish all the Father's out there a Happy Father's Day.  Yes, even you.  You are all very special.  With out Father's we would not be here.  The Father's of this world made us, but the DAD's are why we are who we are.  Almost anyone can be a Father, but it take time, patients, sacrifice and love to be a Dad.  A Dad is someone who is there for us as we grow and face life's challenges and problems.  A Dad is the one, who even thought it's tough on him at times, disciplines us to keep us on the right path.  It is easy say don't do it again,...more

(VIDEO) Treme, Lost, Parenthood, Glee, Modern Family: TV's Fathers of the Year

Fathers' Day means the fathers everywhere are preparing to receive mugs, T-shirts, paperweights and faux trophies proclaiming them "World's Greatest Dad." It doesn't matter that hundreds of thousands of "Greatests" will be named, because who wants to be the only dad not celebrated as "A+ Papi?"& No one, that's who. Even the dads on television deserve special awards on this special holiday, so let's commemorate the occasion by looking at how fatherhood was portrayed on television this year. ...more

Happy Father's Day! Play Daddy Blogger Matchy-Matchy to Celebrate

What better way to celebrate Father's Day than by playing Matchy-Matchy with some awesome blogging dads? Play the game, post your score, and go visit their blogs -- and wish them a Happy Father's Day, too. ...more

heh. thanks, y'all. that was fun. :-)more

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Special Father's Day Feature: The Unconventional Education When I was...more

My Father, My Prom King

Despite being a funny looking, gangly slip of a girl,  my dad made me believe I was the most beautiful, bright daughter a father could ever want. He encouraged me to reach high, and celebrated every victory no matter how small. He engaged in the usual dad activities -- teaching me to ride a two-wheel bike, running behind me for several hours hanging onto my banana seat until I found my balance, and helping me with my homework....more

Can Dads Really Get Postpartum Depression? Yes.

This week research found paternal postnatal depression, or PPD among dads, is more common than first believed. ...more

It doesn't mean that it is triggered by the pregnancy or the physical birth - it means that it ...more

Play Like a Girl

“I get in trouble when I play princesses,” Mr. Embee revealed. I tried to pat him on the head and tell him it’s great that he tries, but I wasn’t sure what else to say at the time, except stuff like “well, you just, you know…It’s like playing house.” Because I’M A GIRL. Asking how I know how to play girl games is like me asking how guys know everything about sports cars. You just DO. It’s genetic. ...more

Real men wear pee

At the risk of sounding like an obnoxious Gen-Xer, people over 50 seem sort of astounded with my husband's level of parental involvement. Sometimes I'm not sure it's even a compliment, as if somehow Brian's willingness to take a five-minute break from work to hang out in a couch fort or even join us for lunch makes him somehow soft....more

Men vs. Women on Multi-tasking

Ah, the eternal debate - who is better at or women? I know how most of us would answer - hands down WOMEN! Why? Because we (the collective "we" of course) honestly feel we are more capable of doing multiple things at once. And not just doing them, but doing them well! But ask almost any man and they would tend to disagree. Go ahead, ask your husband....I'll wait. (Insert Jeopardy music.......) Did he disagree with you?...more
Im a male and can multi-task. I help my girlfriend all the time with chores and cooking, And My ...more