Chase Away the Winter Blues

Punxsutawney Phil may have popped out of his burrow Sunday morning and predicted six more weeks of winter, but that doesn't mean that the inside of our homes must stay so dreary. Flowers and plants can add such a nice "punch of color" in quite an easy and inexpensive way....more

Here Comes the Sun

...Vivi and I visited the wish tree in the dead of winter, when the pavement around it was slippery with ice and the wind tossed the white wishes until their strings were tangled and knotted.  Tying a paper wish to a tree is a kind of offering, returning the paper to its source.  Despite the darkness of winter, each simple white wish sprouted from the bare limbs like a bloom.Wishes are hope.  Wishes allow us to believe in yes....more

I've just given away my cooker. It's very liberating. Bring on Domino's Pizza!

Dahlinks! I love you more than Domino's Pizza (actually I can't back that up). As you know, I have been in the process of selling my house in London, and last Monday one of the viewers put in an offer of £430,000 ($688,500 USD). Considering that the sale price was £445,000, I was unsure whether to accept the offer or not. So I put the question to my lovely readers; 'do I barter, or do I accept the offer?' ...more

Me (the great unwashed) was invited to a stately home

In the olden days in rural England, communities used to be structured around the land-owning Lord of the Manor. The Lord would spend his silk-attired days gnawing through slabs of venison, boffing virgins and hunting, whilst the sackcloth-clad peasants from the village worked on his land and existed entirely on potatoes (blimey, they must have been a feisty lot, what with all those carbs and all). ...more

I Want to Buy Your Blog

Good question, and let me elucidate. I was sat at my laptop today, beavering away and minding my own business, when suddenly an email plopped into my inbox. It immediately grabbed my attention because the subject was 'I want to buy your blog'....more

Hi Annie,

I guess this scenario if like when you go to Turkey and EVERY man tries it on with ...more

Eye candy.

Today... ...because I'm beyond overwhelmed with a greenhouse that doesn't want to go up... ...because there are thousands of tomato babies languishing in the basement, begging for natural light... ...more

Happiness Is A Thing Called (Trader) Joe

(*Okay, you have to be of a certain age, or a connoisseur of old music, to get that song reference )...more

Since we don't have them where I live. If we did I could see me going for very specific items ...more