Daily Posting for NaBloPoMo I do it already???

Saturday and Sundays are free days for the NaBloPoMo and while I am not prompted to post anything specific I will explain my need and desire to get better because let's be honest here I am not the World's Best Blogger! ...more

Chore Charts: They Aren't Just for Kids :)

Daily/Weekly Chore Chart Have you tried cleaning zones yet? How's that coming along?We wanted to provide you with 2 of our chore charts to help out!Our first chore chart is what we do on a daily basis:...more

Amazing Family Days

I love amazing family days! The week actually started out rather quietly, around Corntassle Cottage. I spent Monday puttering around the house, while the lil ones did school work. Hosted my very first blog hop, and spent the time working on answering comments, and welcoming those who joined...I still have a few more to hit later today....more

Catching Up On The Day To Day At Corntassle Cottage...

I have been so busy these last few days, that I am just now catching up on the day to day, so her I offer a few days worth of ramblings. Last Saturday, my bestie, our girls, and I went out to our local farmer's market to see if we could get any fresh goodies. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, there was not much left, other than some plants and a few Amish Goods. Plants I don't need at this point, but I happily grabbed several different jellies, since the hubby commented when we made our last trip down to Amish country that he didn't buy any jellies....more

Holiday Weekend at Corntassle Cottage...

Well this holiday weekend at Corntassle Cottage was filled with various adventures. Most of the weekend was wrought with storms, and some of them included heavy rain and wind. We even had a few branches blown down onto the neighbor's house. Luckily they were not large enough to cause any real damage, just a scrap on the siding and a dent in the A/C casing, for which I am thoroughly grateful. We even managed to be able to grill out steak's for dinner on Monday evening; there is nothing better than steak's on the grill....more

The Usual Chaos At Corntassle Cottage!

You would think that by now I would be used to the usual chaos at Corntassle Cottage; unfortunately, I am not much of one for chaos...then again I think I could get extremely bored without it! Though I suppose with a hubby and three, well actually four children I can't forget my son from another mother, chaos is a package deal. LOL! Each of them brings their own special brand of chaos into the family....more

A Happy TGIF From Corntassle Cottage!

Even though I certainly had different plans for today, I won't let it get to me and it should end up a great day and an even better weekend. I ended up pulling an all nighter, last night, well sort of anyway. LOL! I managed to doze off in my chair a few times as I worked on the video announcements for Sunday's church service. But I managed to get it done so that the hubby could take it to work with him today, since he is off this weekend.Read More... ...more

Catchin Up At Corntassle Cottage...

I can't believe how hectic and busy these last few days have been. It has been so crazy that I finally got to my emails from the weekend, last night. I have probably even sat down several times over the last three days to try to write, and inevitably something pulled me away...such is the life of a mom! LOL! But of course we all know that I would not trade a bit of it.Read More...http://thismommasramblings.blogspot.com/2013/04/catchin-up-at-corntassle-cottage.html...more

Plaid and Proud!

The first cold snap we had sent me searching to the back of the closet for my trusty flannel shirt that is my old friend. I love him, he became mine after a laundry accident rendered him useless to hubby. Shrunken from a large to a medium, he wasn't welcome on the other side of the closet. At first he felt hurt, unloved....more