Somebody’s Playing My Trump Card

(To see the notorious oil painting of Donald Trump, click on my blog "A Rolling Crone" below) Two weeks ago, when I was invited to Mar-a-Lago, the former Trump home, now a super-expensive private club, I couldn’t resist photographing the portrait above of Donald Trump—a dramatically glamorized vision of The Donald that gives us a glimpse of how he sees himself. The next day, April 4, I included the photo of the Trump oil painting in a blog post I wrote called “Lunch at Mar-a-Lago with The Donald.” ...more

Feminism's Last Chance for Legitimacy

Be careful for what you wish. The fem blogs finally noticed the craziness going down in South Carolina. Rather than use this as an opportunity to attack the establishment good ol' boy network, they question if the allegations were true....more

Do You Have A Question For Tina Brown of The Daily Beast, Donna Byrd of and Ilene Chaiken of The L Word?

I've gotten so many private emails from BlogHers who want to meet these women that I decided to open a conversation about the BlogHer '09 Saturday keynote I'll emcee with Tina Brown, Donna Byrd and Ilene Chaiken. ...more

@Tina Brown

I'm a freelance journalist. I've heard some people in our field speculate ...more