It's all about the comments

I think one of the things I like - no, love! - the most about blogging is the ability for others to share their own thoughts on what I've written by way of the comments feature. Thinking about it, this potential for input from readers is really what keeps me coming back to blogging day after day, writing and sharing my thoughts and life with the world instead of keeping them locked up in a private journal for my eyes only. ...more

12 Reasons Why YOU Should Sign up for NaBloPoMo in February!

Pssst... hey, you. Yes, YOU! In case you hadn't noticed, January is now over (did that fly by, or what?!) and we are fast approaching a brand spanking new month. February! And do you know what that means? You have another chance to sign up for daily blogging with NaBloPoMo! ...more Holly Jahangiri LOL, Robin, you are too sweet!more

NaBloPoMo Day 3 (Almost a miss!): How often do you go back for seconds?

Copy of the Cruikshank drawing from Charles Dicken...more

Blog daily in December? Challenge Accepted

NaBloPoMo (Photo credit: udge)...more

Daily blogging challenges

NaBloPoMo November 2012 Prompt Friday, November 30, 2012: What has been the hardest part about blogging daily? This question is a double whammy for me, as I've been blogging daily not only throughout the month of November, but also for the entire year! And there are definitely some challenges to the practice. ...more

Join Us for June's NaBloPoMo and Write Every Day

So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month? ...more
I'm jumping in too!more

Blogging All the Time

After blogging daily for 61 days, I find it hard not to blog.Now I find I want to blog all the time. (Anyone else just start singing I just want to party blog all the time?)...more

NoBloMoJo: Striving for Posting Perfection

Oh! Too tired tonight. Always something. Too tired; no inspiration; wrong photo images for the right post. Right photo images for the wrong post. What's a mother to do? Cheat.Go to bed, get rest and wake up to post before 3:00am Eastern time. The Lord above created time zones and put me in the eastern one so I could make it through NaBloPoMo. Creation, the big bang, amoebae, amphibians, dinosaurs, birds, monkeys, people, me, the computer, the Internet, BlogHer, then NaBloPoMo. An evolutionary march to blogging perfection....more
@victorias_view@sassymonkey Hey! I love it! Thanks, both of you, for stopping by and letting me ...more

Reflections on Daily Blogging

I have a confession to make. I joined BlogHer's National Blog Posting Month to ease my guilt about shying away from National Novel Writing Month (NaNo) this year. Blogging daily seemed the least I could do to stand united with my fellow writers busting out 50,000 words in November. Even combining my total wordcount from blogging and works in progress, I didn't touch 50,000. My hats off to all NaNo winners....more
Thanks. I've enjoyed it... off to write! ;-)more

Join Us for Daily Blogging with December's NaBloPoMo

It's that time again; time to commit to posting every day for a full month by joining in with NaBloPoMo. The point? Well, beyond the endurance factor -- of becoming a writing athlete -- there's the benefit from daily writing. I use it as a way to warm up before getting into book writing. And then there's the community aspect: joining NaBloPoMo is like joining a gym. You're writing in a group and feeding off that for motivation rather than writing alone. ...more
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