Let Life Sweep You Away

There are moments when you want life to sweep you away from all your worries and fears. You've been holding on so tight to what you feel you have to do. Your responsibilities have been what keeps you moving every day. But without all that binds you, what would you do. If you could do anything in your life what would it be? Changing careers, go to places you've always dreamed about, do things that you thought were for only others to explore. What if life was without limits? No pushing away all that could be, but embracing all that would be if you open your arms....more

Where Are You Going

There comes a time when you need to decide what path you'll take. You have stood where the path divides, paralyzed for what seems to be forever. No movement has been necessary until now. It's time for you to continue on your journey, without fear or hesitation. Head held high, know that we are here to help you where ever the path leads you. We will keep you safe as you experience all that await you. There is a life of wondrous joy that you can have when you begin doing what brings you happiness. Now take your first step towards the life you were meant to lead....more

Let Your Dreams Fly

Sometimes it seems as if you have to work harder to keep your dreams from slipping through your fingers. You try to keep them close to your heart, but life often times get in the way. You've had to live in the real world for so long, that it's difficult to remember the joy you experienced from creating your dreams. Take a deep breathe and let go of the shell that surrounds your heart. You've been working so hard to protect your dreams so they don't completely disappear and you're left with nothing. You've kept them at bay for so long. Lift the veil and release them to the universe....more

Living With Gratitude

Sometimes you get caught up with every day life, that you begin to lose a part of yourself. The days seem no different from the next and soon begin to merge into each other. It's difficult to appreciate what you take for granted. It's only when something happens in your life, that you realize how special life is. It may be the smallest thing that you experience, but it's enough to make you pause for just a moment and reflect upon the blessings you have. It's different for everyone, but you'll know it when your spirit fills with gratitude that you're lucky to be alive....more

Missing The Important Things In Life

Sometimes you tend to overlook the blessings that are right in front of you because you’re too busy working to get ahead. You run around trying to find your way, but often times you lose your sense of direction. You’re playing catch up with what, you can’t remember any more. What seemed so clear in your mind yesterday is now only a vague memory. If you slow down for just a moment, you’ll be surprised to find that your every day experiences are actually helping you to realize your dreams. It's the simple things in life that add up to more than you can ever imagine....more

The Not Knowing

There are times when your doubts paralyze you. It seems as if you have difficulty moving for fear that you may lose your way. You believe in yourself most of the time, but then there are moment s when nothing can convince you that everything will turn out for the best. No amount of positive thinking can give you the comfort you seek. It seems the harder you try to gain back your confidence, the more you are filled with self doubt. But there are changes within you that are occurring, even while you are thinking of more reasons not to pursue your destiny....more

A Gathering of Like Minds

There are times when you wonder if you are the only one who thinks the way you do. It's not that you are so different from everyone, but it's feeling as if your spirit is incomplete. Wanting to talk to someone who not only listens to what you're saying, but understands what you mean without an explanation. Every once and awhile you're lucky enough to meet someone who you connect with on a deeper level. Whether you've known each other many lifetimes ago or just met today, it's acknowledging how fortunate you are at this moment....more

Welcome Home

There are times in your travels that you come to a place that makes your heart sing. It's not a place that you've been before. In fact, it's somewhere that fills the deepest part of your soul. It wraps around you like a warm blanket. It soothes all your past hurt. Just sitting alone in the quietness, brings tears to your eyes. It's understanding that there are no coincidences in life, you are meant to be here. It's as if the universe has guided you here to heal. Although you won't stay but just for a moment, it's enough to renew your spirit and light your way....more

Celebrating Life

Today is about celebrating with friends and family. To be appreciative of all the blessings that you have. To acknowledge how much you've grown since last year. Your experiences, good and bad, have made you who you are today. There is so much more that is coming in your life that by living in the present you will capture each moment to the fullest. It's time to greet the future with optimism and a positive attitude. The universe has a plan that is much more than what you could ever imagine. Be strong and you will overcome all the struggle that may come your way....more

Taking A Break

Sometimes you work on projects that take on a life of it's own that you wonder how you ever agreed to do it. It may have been an exciting venture or something you took on as a challenge. Whatever the reason was, it is now a beast to work with. The vision you saw in the beginning isn't as clear as it once was. It may be time to step aside for a moment to clear your mind. Sometimes when you are too close to the problem, things don't make sense. You know that you would never have taken on something so big, unless you really believed in the possibilities....more