365 Reflections - Reflection 16

I have looked at this particular door so many times.  I used this photo in an art class and had to paint it  5 different times. I had chosen it because of the brilliant colors and the relative simplicity of the shapes....more

Grace for each new day...

A few days ago, when I blamed blogging on my bladder, I received this comment:lol found you on Blogher and I came here thinking you were gonna blame blogging for a weak bladder LOL…for me…I am like a camel, I will put off going pee until I “just finish this last little paragraph…” hahahahaha great post....more

You Are Where You Are Supposed To Be

There are times when you question why you are where you are at. You've often told that you are where you're supposed to be. But it doesn't stop you from asking "Why?" You are filled with doubts and questions that you have no answers to. At times you're impatient to move on because it doesn't feel as if you're doing anything of purpose. But there is purpose in learning to be patient and trusting that the universe has your happiness in mind. Knowledge often times comes hindsight. Cherish each moment that you are given because they are all gifts to enjoy....more

Holding On Tight

Remember when you were a child and how you would spin around until you got so dizzy, you'd fall. You couldn't explain the feeling, but it was something that you did because it was fun. But now that you've grown, life has you spinning in circles. It's hard to keep yourself from falling. Somehow it's not fun anymore. No matter how much you try to control what is going on, it seems as if all you are doing is holding on tight so you don't tip over. What has changed since you were small? Being so serious about life, you're trying to solve your problems instead of just going with the flow....more

Trading Places

It's not that you are envious of others, but there are times when you question how different your life would be if you were someone else. When you look upon others and see them to be happy, is it that you'd like to be them or want to discover their secret to happiness. You'll soon discover that it's not that their lives are any better than yours, but they acknowledge where they are and make the best of it. Instead of looking at their situation as the universe getting back at them, they understand that life is full of surprises. How you approach life is up to you?...more

What A Crazy Life

No matter how much you prepare for what the day brings, something happens that changes your plans. You are at the mercy of the universe as to the direction your life is going. Some days it seems as if you have everything under your control. You look at your calendar and know exactly what you're going to be doing. Everything is as it should be. Then before you know it, the day turns into something more than what you could have imagined. There was no way that you can plan when the universe steps in....more

Seeing Through The Untruths

It's not that you are easily swayed, but when you hear something that seems to resonate within you, you begin to believe that what you're hearing is true. Sometimes the untruth is presented in such beautiful packaging that most of us wouldn't see beyond what they want us to see. But eventually there is something that doesn't feel right. You're not sure because you may be the only one who is able to see beyond the facade. It's not easy to say what you believe to be true, when you yourself are not sure. But there is something within you that has you turning away from the untruth....more

The Freedom To Be

Remove all boundaries that keep you from being whoever you want to be. There are no rules, but your own that prohibit you from being unique. You claim to know yourself and who you are meant to be, yet you've only just skimmed the surface of your potential. Even if you were to know all, there is still a part of you that hides, even from yourself. When you are able to acknowledge all parts of yourself, then everything is possible. Every day you have the opportunity to impact the world, but for today it's just about being comfortable with who you are....more

Leaving An Imprint

There is so much to accomplish in your life that you forget how much you impact others. Even for just a moment, you leave some of yourself behind. You underestimate how much you can make a difference in other people's life. It is not your way to put so much thought into things that come naturally for you. You are not here to ponder about things like that. As it is for you, there are others like yourself that are here to change the world. As you experience life, celebrate your blessings. For it is when your spirit rejoices that others will feel your positive energy....more

Acknowledging Your Angels

Whether you can see them or not, everyone has angels who watch over them. Your angel may be assigned to you for a lifetime or it may be a one time thing. They are assigned to you for not only your protection but to guide you on your path. Many of you may hear the soft whispering of their knowledge, but others may choose to ignore the whispers. For those of you who ignore, you may be the doubters of what you know is the truth. You doubt yourself and the decisions you make, so why would you listen to the voice of reason....more