Ira Glass and Violent Video Games, thank you Jon Stewart

Tying in with my post of last week about violent video games, The Daily Show has applied some of their own (unique) perspective. Clearly they read my blog. For those of you with short attention spans, or those of you who are actually squirrels, you should watch the one-minute round-up from the Daily Show....more

"Dear People Who Don't Work Here": Is Jezebel's Daily Show Coverage Feminism, or the Opposite of Feminism?

It all began with Irin Carmon's stinging accusations at Jezebel. As funny as the Daily Show can be for viewers, for female employees, "it's also a boys' club where women's contributions are often ignored and dismissed." Carmon continues to assert that currently, there is "less overt frat-boy humor, but that doesn't mean the institutionalized sexism is gone" and part of that institutionalized sexism is a climate unwelcoming to female writers and correspondents. ...more

And if she doesn't last, I trust that the reason she is off the show is because she didn't score ...more

Date with a Neuroscientist

Thats two hours I am never going to get back. Last week a friend calls up and tells me about - lets call him - Mr. Rightish. Rightish moved to DC some months ago from Manhattan, to do some research for the Pentagon, and is looking to meet people, perhaps a nice girl etc. etc. Good looking guy, very well educated (PhD, teaching at NYU), 31, 5'11, dark hair, dark eyes. ...more