Peach basil fried rice with Thai-style tempeh

 I had thought I would be in China by now....more
The focus you mention that is required with cooking... I wonder if that's why I like it so much. ...more

Teriyaki Drumsticks Drumsticks   ...more

Easy vegan cornbread


The Devil is in the...Dairy

I knew it would be, but still, the results were harsher than I expected. My youngest is so intolerant to dairy that he can't even have goat cheese, yogurt, milk which I had recently been relying on. Plus, they are both intolerant of almonds, so there goes the almond milk I use in all my baking, waffle making, etc and it also makes protein bar buying surprisingly difficult. My older one also needs to be off peanuts, eggs, and some other things that don't really matter for at least six months while their bodies heal from all the damage of ingesting gluten (and dairy) for years....more

Smoky split pea stew


Smoky barbecue baked bean casserole

   You guys? Sometimes, I get these weird, uber specific cravings.For a while in college, it was buffalo sauce—the stuff had to be on everything. Rice, chickpeas, eggs, oatmeal…yeah, that was definitely the birth of my savory oatmeal obsession....more

11 Reasons to Stop Eating Dairy

  Many s ...more

Homemade Pizza & Christmas Traditions

Crab Noodle This recipe is my quick and easy rendition of one of my favorite Thai dishes, crab noodle.  It is also extremely allergy friendly!  It can be made egg-free, dairy-free and gluten-free!  Enjoy! ...more