The NFL Thanksgiving Day Cheat Sheet

Thanksgiving and football go together like Thanksgiving and turkey. Seriously! Ask any sports fan or anyone from Detroit or Dallas and they can confirm this.For me, this is a dream come true - mashed potatoes AND family sanctioned football watching? This is my nirvana. I don't know how you feel about football, but if you are going to be watching any NFL games this Thanksgiving Day, here are a few things that you might find helpful:...more

To the Tony Romo haters....

With all of the hoopla surrounding Tim Tebow, the Saints, and Peyton Manning, I'd like to take a moment to go in a different direction. I have payed attention to the details and noticed some bold moves with free agents this off season, and it requires some attention. However, my intent today is to defend my quarterback and the Cowboy's organization. ...more

Tired of Everyone Blaming Romo

OK Dallas fans, stop, think and shut up.  Tony Romo is our QB and yes we may not all agree he is the best thing we have but most of us are in complete support of Romo.  Two weeks ago everyone was thinking Romo was the best thing since sliced bread.  Dallas fans are a fickle bunch! Tony Romo hasn't changed.  Defenses are figuring out our offensive scheme.  Ray Lewis said it best in 2008, Dallas Offense is as easy to read as a Dr....more

Laura Miller and Jerry Jones: Pat on the Knee Sexist Controversy

When former Dallas mayor Laura Miller patted Jerry Jones on the knee and told him to take his billion dollar stadium elsewhere, she had no idea the lasting impression it would have....more

She Just Got Married...Football and Fantasies

Back before “”, we subscribed to the local newspaper that was delivered to our front porch each morning via a young boy on a bicycle with a whale of precision pitch. Everyone took their favorite sections and we were your typical family….Dad clipped coupons, I did the Jumble puzzle, my mom looked to see when the Dallas Cowboys were scheduled to play next. Our family lived and breathed Cowboy football. ...more

When entertainment news crosses the line

People say you can learn a lot about a person by just looking at his/her briefcase/work bag. If you looked through mine you’d probably find the latest issues of both Sports Illustarted and Us Weekly. I enjoy looking through pages of celebrity photos ranging from “just like us” to red carpet shots. I also like reading in depth interviews with my favorite sports players, but I carry around both publications because I like to keep my sports news separate from my entertainment news. ...more