Magical And Cheap Hair Care

I’m going to be honest with you guys: my hair isn’t na...more

First Aid for Damaged Summer Hair

I love to be outdoors in the summer, whether it's at the beach, picnicking at a local park, or just hanging around outside in the backyard grilling.  Sunshine always puts me in a great mood, and I love to soak up that Vitamin D.However, the sun's rays can be super drying and damaging to the hair.  The salt water of the ocean and chlorine in pools can also wreak havoc on our strands, sucking out moisture and leaving hair brittle.Using a hair mask regularly can help us get our hair back into tip top condition.  For most of us, a weekly ritual is best, but the mo...more

Do You Go To Bed With WET HAIR???

DON'T!!!Yes, I know it saves you time in the morning. Damp hair keeps you cool at night in case your body runs hot while sleeping. Well, at least I'm not drying out my hair with a hair dryer.These are all reasonable time saving strategies.Let me give you some reasons not to go to bed with damp/wet hair.1. Hair when wet is structurally weaker, is elastic and can be stretched further than when dry. ...more