Showtime's "Homeland" Returns with Gripping Spy Drama (Spoilers)

Homeland is the spy show to end all spy shows. And since I love, love, love a good spy show, I had last night's Homeland second season premiere circled on my calendar. Only Game of Thrones' return last spring had me as excited.courtesy of Showtime...more
I’m totally with you – I’ve had Homeland’s premiere on my calendar for WEEKS. The sad thing is ...more

Band of Brothers

I've had Damian Lewis on my mind. We started watching Homeland yesterday (very, very good show) only because he stars in it. We first saw him when we watched Band of Brothers where he plays the captain of Easy Company from the 101st Airborne division during the Second World War. I swear, the man was born to be in the army...or play an army man! ...more