White Girls Win Step Show, On No They Didn't

I know it’s strange to see white faces at a dance competition traditionally dominated by black sororities and fraternities. But barring the girls from competing and booing them afterwards? Really. Is this the ‘Change’ we all voted for?...more

Step Sing anyone?

Alright, so who knows anything about Samford University's Step Sing CHAOS??...more

LifeWater: Personal philosophies on dance and why I do it

Life-water: Personal philosophies on dance and why I do it By Danielle M. White Utah Valley University http://lifedanceproject.blogspot.com “A day I don't dance is a day I don't live.” – Wendy Buonaventura, Serpent of the Nile Introduction: This paper is divided into two interrelated sections. Part one is an overview of my philosophies regarding dance – particularly Ballet. And part two explores how Ballet has affected me personally, and the reasons why I do it. ...more

One man, one woman. Three legs. Three arms. Big spirit.

Ma Li has only one arm. Zhai Xiaowei has one leg. And below is a video of them dancing. They dance into the holes in people's lives. In the wordlessness of their dance, libraries of the soul open and volumes of unutterable wisdom fly off the shelves. A knowing comes forward. We all know this. We recognize the feeling of brokenness. We know what we do not have, will never have. We know that all the pieces in the world are not whole, not complete. We know that we needed, and that we need. ...more

I think it also says on some level that we all have imperfections and disabilities -- thanks ...more

Dandelion parable

 plump bees twirling on small and humble blossoms like hippopotami pirouetting on lily pads. ...more

A Time to Dance?


From a Mother's Heart

It seems like only yesterday that I held my new born son in my arms--where have the years gone by? It was only a few years ago that he started nursery school and now he is now ending one chapter in his life and beginning a new one.  His commencement  was a beautiful event. The principal's message was very eloquent - part of it included this beautiful passage ...more

Women of the Dance

There are certain songs that I must dance when they are played. The music forces me out of my chair and commands me to move my body in defiance of a culture that tells me I’m too old to shake that thing. Mainly I dance with myself and every once in a while with Billy Idol. For Merce Cunningham I imagined that every day of his life he was commanded to move his body in dance. ...more

Thanks for writing and posting this, Gena.  I, too, am a non-professional dancer who ...more

The Daily 5-Minute Dance Party!

What’s a great way for you and your kids to have fun together, while allowing them to be their unique selves and express themselves physically? The Daily Five Minute Dance Party! Get some fun music to play anywhere that is safe in your house, turn it up, and start dancing with your kids. ...more