How I Found Abundance in a Dance Studio

Earlier this year my significant other and I decided to start a Polynesian dance troupe (think Hawaiian luau shows). In a few very short months we pulled together a group of strong, beautiful dancers, made for them great costumes and taught them a full set of entertaining Polynesian dances. In retrospect, it was a magical feat. Blinded by excitement and inspiration, we barreled through the summer acquiring more business than either of us had thought possible! Then came September … and I was quite painfully burnt out. ...more

He's Only 18!

This is the same guy that I posted earlier. I just keep watching this video and marveling over his style and wondered if there was more out there about him. Then I found the following and knew I was watching genius. Expressing oneself through dance is an art form. This young man is an artist extraordinaire. He is part illusionist, dancer, impressionist, and gymnist (note: he knows that wearing horizonal lines “highlight” his moves). IMO this is what genius looks like in this genre. ...more