Yes, you can meditate on Taylor Swift

You know, at this time of year were Taylor Swift seems to be everywhere. I don’t have to tell you guys that she’s cool and talented and just, you know, herself....more

Day 22 - Saturday Night Dance Party

 What would you tell your 20-something year old selfif you could go back in time..? I'd tell me to stay in shape so I could continued...more

When Should a Belly Dancer Go Pro?

This is a topic sure to bring out varying opinions and I'm certainly not the first person to bring it up. But I would like to pose the question: when should a belly dancer turn professional? ...more

the Nightclub Diaries Chapter 4 - Dancin' Machine

    Yo baby party, you c'mere give me a kiss, better make it fast or else i'm gonna get pissed, can you hear the music pumping hard like I wish you would, now push it, push it good.......    That is not a poem. ...more

Dancing in the Chorus Line

There was a little girl whowanted to be a dancer, a gypsy dancer on Broadway....more

Day 21 - Road Tunes... AKA Singing Alone in the Car and Not Caring

 I drove to Sacramento today to start a ten day run of shifts in two of the local ED's here....more

Leap of Faith

When this 17 year- old of mine was born, I was expecting a healthy bundle of joy. No one mentions the possibility  that the bundle of joy you are about to bring into this world may bring you unspeakable sadness. And certainly no one tells you that the healthy baby you have carried for 9 months will not be breathing when she is born.  I can’t begin to describe the helplessness of listening for that first cry, and hearing – nothing. watching your newborn being whisked away to some unknown part of the hospital to be hooked up to machines that would breathe for her....more
Thanks for your kind thoughts. This strong young woman surprises me daily, and I look forward to ...more

Dancing or Recliners...Weighing The Options

“Ann goes back into the family room to see Cal and Mary dancing! They have moved the coffee table to one side of the room, and they are dancing to an old 50s record as if they have been doing this everyday of their lives for the past 40 years. The boys are watching them with such fascination, like they are seeing fireworks for the very first time. This might be even better! When Ann looks over at Ron, her husband, she sees he is pretty fascinated too, but more fearful he is going to be asked to do the same....more


Q'd think this would be easy, but q'd be wrong. That's correct...trying to think of a title and subject having to do with the letter, 'Q' is not easy. For crying out loud, I was pulling out my hair.So, I am choosing the word Quickstep and am going to resort to what I know best.quick step (kwik'step') n. 1. the step for marching in quick time. 2. a march in the rhythm of quick time 3. a spirited dance step or a combination of such steps, as in ballroom dancing....more

How to start a dance party anywhere.

I have friends who can work to background music. I envy them. My intentions are always good, I line up my sure-to-impact-the-world brilliant ideas, pop in the earbuds, choose a playlist, poise my fingers over the keyboard and…… Sigh. That’s not how it works, is it?We’ve had about 273 dance parties this week. They’ve happened in the kitchen, at my desk, in the car (it’s possible) and while helping a 13 year-old with his social studies homework because SQUIRREL....more