Attempt Bаllrооm Dаnсе Lеѕѕоnѕ fоr Your Next Dаtе Night

Hоw аbоut we lеt it оut, dаting iѕ fun in light оf thе fact that thеrе iѕ a tоuсh of suddenness with еvеrуthing. In ѕоmе lоng hаul connections, contemplates demonstrate thаt enthusiasm grаduаllу blurѕ аwау. Cоuрlеѕ get оvеrwhеlmеd bу lifе - саѕh, wоrk, kidѕ, and fаmilу iѕѕuеѕ - аnd regularly neglect tо dеаl with each оthеr. Onсе in a whilе all it takes iѕ ѕоmеthing nеw. On thе off сhаnсе thаt уоu'vе gоnе оut tо thе films оr gоnе for nеw eateries with уоur bеttеr half, whу nоt hаvе a gо at something totally unique, for example, раrtnеr dаnсе lеѕѕоnѕ?...more

Play that funky music, momma

I like upbeat music. I listen to it when I run, when I am cooking and when I am cleaning. It puts me in a happy mood, which is always a good thing. ...more

I Wanna Buck Too (DD4L)

Watching Bring It with Ms. Diana and the Dancing Dolls has ignited something inside of me. I want Ms. Diana to yell at me until I cry at practice, I wanna roll my eyes at Neva in the hallway on the way to stand battle and I  wanna walk through the hallways on competition day with my bonnet on too, but most of all I wanna touch the top of Tracy’s’ flattop....more

MAGIC MIKE XXL: Interview with Stephen "tWitch" Boss

2012's Magic Mike (click for T&T post) took most of us by surprise.  Sure, Steven Soderbergh is an amazing director, but it just seemed like such a throwaway summer movie concept - well, we were wrong - it turned out to be a pretty darn good movie, Matthew McConaughey was fantastic and for those of us who didn't know Channing Tatum's background, we were amazed by his moves....more

Birthday Shuffle V - Day 4 - Music

Music by Madonna...more

Yes, you can meditate on Taylor Swift

You know, at this time of year were Taylor Swift seems to be everywhere. I don’t have to tell you guys that she’s cool and talented and just, you know, herself....more

Day 22 - Saturday Night Dance Party

 What would you tell your 20-something year old selfif you could go back in time..? I'd tell me to stay in shape so I could continued...more

When Should a Belly Dancer Go Pro?

This is a topic sure to bring out varying opinions and I'm certainly not the first person to bring it up. But I would like to pose the question: when should a belly dancer turn professional? ...more

the Nightclub Diaries Chapter 4 - Dancin' Machine

    Yo baby party, you c'mere give me a kiss, better make it fast or else i'm gonna get pissed, can you hear the music pumping hard like I wish you would, now push it, push it good.......    That is not a poem. ...more

Dancing in the Chorus Line

There was a little girl whowanted to be a dancer, a gypsy dancer on Broadway....more