Romance or Faux-mance on Dancing with the Stars


Dancing with no Legs

Amy Purdy & Derek Hough Oh My Gosh!!! Not much can make me say those words but Amy Purdy and Derek Hough on dancing with the Stars is definitely worth the saying! For those who don’t follow Dancing with the Stars the show focuses on celebrities being paired up with professional ballroom dancers. The then dance through sets every week one couple being eliminated from each round. The winner gets to have a huge donation to their choice of charities....more

Is "Sexy" a Four-letter Word?

I don’t let my kids watch a lot of TV.  It’s not just because the AAP says not to or because other mommies might judge me, it’s because I want them engaged in more meaningful things and more importantly, I need it to “work.”  I call it my “Mommy Magic” because I can put on a Disney movie and my girls will sit and watch the whole thing without moving or making a peep (I can only imagine what effect Frozen would have!) so I...more

Season 17 of "Dancing with the Stars" Premiered Monday Night - Did You Watch?

Courtesy of ABCUnfortunately for ABC, DWTS is turning into Make-a-Wish for Seniors....more
I think the who show should be eliminated. What the effing heck was that Monday night? Barring ...more

DWTS All Stars Week 4: The Dancers Were Uncomfortable and Paula Abdul Was (Almost) "Straight Up" Coherent

This week, Paula Abdul was a guest judge on Dancing with the Stars: All Stars.  In case you didn’t know, Paula choreographed for “all the big names” from the Jacksons to ZZ Top.  Wait, what?  ZZ Top?...more

Dancing with the Stars Results Show Recap: Bristol Palin's Ass Gets Its Own Brain, Plus I Call Bull----.

Tonight, DWTS premiered its opening and, man, it’s super cheesy.  All the “stars” are attending movie premieres (Pamela Anderson) or reading the newspaper (Emmitt Smith) when they suddenly see the DWTS emblem in the sky signaling to them a la “Batman.”  Then, wherever they a...more