Who Will Win This Season's "Dancing with the Stars" Competition?

Have you been following ABC's Dancing with the Stars series this fall?  The passion, heart break and glory under the mirror ball has been a relentless roller coaster.  Who do you think will be the winner this season?  Do you have a special favorite? Were you shocked when Chynna Phillips got kicked off?  Did you cry when J.R. dedicated his dance to "If You're Reading This" to the men and women in uniform?...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 10 Tell a Story

PS-I'm sticking to my week one prediction of who's going to take it all.This is story week. Each celebrity is going to tell a story about their most memorable year via dance. Via ballroom dance, I should clarify. Here's how it went down. 1. Rob and Cheryl danced a Foxtrot to one of his dad's favorite song, "Fly Me to the Moon" by SinatraMemorable Year: 2003, when his dad died. He was 15. ...more
Yeah, I'm actually surprised I called it :) more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 11 Need to Move Fast

After losing Mr. Metta World Peace last week, there was no rest for the wicked on Dancing With the Stars -- this was the week of the dreaded Quick Step and killer Jive. !...more
I'm a terrible late bloomer for DWTS, committing myself for the first time to watch for an ...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Season Premiere of Season 13!

It's lucky season 13, and we are in a brand new DWtS ballroom, complete with balcony tiers and a raised stage. We also have a set of stars that lack a certain level of luminosity and quite a number of new pros, so I'll be curious to see how the ratings do this season....more
I've given up on DWTS. It's so clearly become "Dancing with the People Who Are In Need Of PR" ...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 3 Are Freestylin'

I am stating it now: This will be another season where the best dancer won't win, but the best story will. And I'm not necessarily saying that's a horrible thing. But I'm thinking this is an Emmitt Smith/Mario Lopez season, what about you?...more

I disagree. I think Kirstie will win and should win. She is "everywoman" dancing out there. ...more

‘Dancing With the Stars’ 2011: Season 12 Week 10 Finale

Mom Andrea Beth is a professional dancer and she is willing enough to talk about this finale episode of Dancing with the Stars. I did not even exert much effort in asking her to right about it. She said after a called her, “…I was like destined to right this one.” This will be so great!The celebrities left kicking on this season of “Dancing with the Stars” are actress/professional dieter Kirstie Alley, Disney princess Chelsea Kane, and NFL star Hines Ward, and they are much ready for their final Monday show. The adjudicators get to pick their first dance and guide the celebrities; after that, it’s the disreputable freestyle dance time....more

I love you DWTS. GREAT!more

She Dances, She Front-Runs, She Blogs! DWTS Chelsea Kane on BlogHer

[Editor's Note: Tonight, Chelsea Kane will find out if she gets to take home the coveted DANCING WITH THE STARS mirrorball trophy. But before that epic moment, she sat down and tapped out some of her thoughts on the DWTS experience just for us here at BlogHer! Thanks Chelsea - you're a super star and you're gonna kill it. --Morgan]...more

I never watch this show, but as I went with my husband to pick up our 3 daughters from my MIL's, ...more

Exclusive: Backstage at Dancing with the Stars and Chelsea Kane

Last week, you may have noticed I did not post a Dancing with the Stars recap. (At least I hope so...where my faithful recappers at!?) I had the best of reasons: I was actually on a quick plane trip down to Los Angeles to attend the Dancing with the Stars results show, and even better/ I was off to interview one of the front-runners: Chelsea Kane....more

First of all, as one of your faithful recap readers I'm very jealous that you got there in ...more

Elisa Can't Recap Dancing With the Stars Because She IS AT THE STUDIO

Looking for Elisa's weekly recap of Dancing With The Stars? I miss it too. But she's got the best reason ever to skip this week: an in person report from tonight's results show! Yep, she is there RIGHT NOW! Check back tomorrow for the full report ... (PS: What did you think of the first group dances?) ...more

Can't wait to hear about Elisa's trip to the studio.

BlogHer Book Club Host Karen ...more