A Dancing With the Stars Public Service Political Announcement

Look, I get it. Bristol Palin is the only Palin you can currently vote for, and to some, booting her off the show prior to her sell-by date would have seemed like a vast left-wing conspiracy to hinder the entire Palin family regardless of political weight. But here's the deal: On Dancing With the Stars, typically -- not uniformly, but typically -- the best D-list celebrity dancer wins based on talent. You are supposed to vote off the dancers in order based on their respective ballroom suckage. ...more

Thank you for this very important PSA. Educational and hilarious. Let's just hope your message ...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Semi-Finals Finally Heat Up

Giving credit where credit is due ... all four semi-finalists do their personal version of "bringing it." In a "very special" Dancing with the Stars this week, we got to hear all about the adversity that each star faced. This gave many an opportunity for me to talk back to the screen like saying: "You got a Disney show when you were, like, 12, I don't count that as a lifetime of struggle." Or "I don't remember everyone calling you a sleaze, really. And your mom kinda chose to go ahead and thrust you into that national spotlight, despite how hard it would be for you." Or "Damn, you both were in cars that killed people? I am not sure I had put that together until just now" ...more

Shocked and disgusted with the way the judges handled their "professionalism". They are the ones ...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 5 and, Well, I Give Up!

America, what are you thinking? Yes, the last two weeks have been scandalous, by DWtS standards, as two stronger dancers went (Audrina and Rick) while two weaker dancers stayed (Bristol and Kurt). I'd like to say it's clear who will go this week, but let's face it: What do I know? I can only tell you who *should* go. ...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 6 Trod the Boards with Retreads

This being the 200th episode, Dancing with the Stars decided to do a retread episode: This season's couples "reinterpreting" favorite dances fromprevious seasons. And they brought back the celeb who danced that favorite dance originally to join the judges panel for that one dance. They also brought back two previous champions to "coach" the teams in a team Cha Cha Challenge. (Where is David Bowie when you need him?) Um, I'm not into the themes on DWtS this year. Including this one. ...more

Dancing With The Stars: Bristol in a Monkey Suit and a a Brady Bunch Tango

The top 8 tackle a TV theme, and I'm wondering: Can they not do this theme again, please? It was like watching a bad sex therapist tape on incorporating role play into your sex life. Not that I've ever watched a sex therapist tape, good or bad. ...more

I just didn't get it.

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Dancing With the Stars Recap: The Top 9 Get Down in the Round

This week Dancing with the Stars mixed it up...in two ways. #1: They built an elevated, round stage and brought the audience close up all the way around. #2: Supposedly it was "acoustic" night...although they added so many strings I'm not sure it was really noticeable. The dances were the "romantic Rumba" and the "passionate Argentine Tango." And here's how it went down: 1. Kurt and Anna danced a Rumba ...more

Dancing With the Stars Recap: The Top Eleven...Nearly Killed by a Dance!

After last week's "shocking" elimination of David Hasselhoff (and remember: They didn't tell us who was also in the bottom 2), all bets were off tonight. It was like a fresh start for everyone. Some made the most of it. Some? Not so much. ...more

Michael Bolton was just terrible. It hurt to watch.

Jennifer Grey is the only one I can see ...more

Dancing With the Stars Season 11 Season Premiere Recap: So, What's the Situation?

So despite my misgivings about this season of Dancing with the Stars, of course I tuned in last night for the season premiere. ...more

I am excited to watch Jennifer Grey's performance in Dancing with the Stars.

Check this cool ...more

Dear Dancing With the Stars: We're Over

I didn't want it to end. I loved spending my Monday and Tuesday evenings with you. I set my DVR just in case of an emergency where I had to be away, because I never wanted to miss an episode. I was one of your true, loyal fans. I voted every week. I encouraged my friends to do so too. I tweeted and posted on Facebook my anticipation for another season. I blogged about you, my guilty pleasure. I was not a casual admirer. I even went so far as to drive to New Jersey to the Prudential Center and see the show when it went on tour! I've missed you so, all summer long. But now it's over. Done. I know we can't go on. ...more

Joanne Tombrakos is a writer, personal coach and corporate expatriate  who blogs her ...more

Initial Reaction: Dancing with the Stars Announces Their New Line-up

The thing I like: No obvious ringers. No figure skaters or gymnasts, no refugees from a dance-oriented boy (or girl) band. If you look at the winners of the first few years of DWtS, they were underdogs or unexpected. In the last few years, you could have predicted the finals from the beginning. Now it's not so clear. That won't stop me from predicting, but it's not based on existing skills and advantages. ...more

Okay I am really slow....But I just found out how much money the "stars" get paid to be on DWTS. ...more