Dancing with the Stars kicks off with SIXTEEN couples! (The my eyes, MY EYES episode!)

  Come on guys, do you really need that many couples. They barely even fit across your big huge stage!   ...more

YES! In fact, I suggest dance battles involving the Marios, Joey Fatone, and Helio. I ...more

Multi-Tasking Pro & Con - Some very (very) brief comments

In this abbreviated exchange of emails, one generation of multi-taskers laments and the next generation has the last word.  ...more

Have they learned nothing from us?


Dancing with the Stars Recap: The finale...strangely anti-climactic

I loves me some Paso Doble, but that was too much even for me I had high expectations for last night's Dancing with the Stars finale. The best three dancers actually made it to the end, and each of them has had moments this season when it was hard to tell apart from the pros. This should have been the best finale ever! And yet it wasn't. Maybe it's because Shawn, Melissa and Gilles may be the best finalists ever from a dancing skillz point of view, but they're not exactly the most vibrant personalities ever. ...more

both with your prediction and with the weird lacklusteriness of last night's show. Gilles ftw ...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 4

Oh, America, what have you done? ...more

Totally agree with your comments about Ty. But wonder how the judges can award him with an 8 ...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 5 Tackle Two Dances

OK, America you had your fun, but seriously? We're down to what they call the "quarterfinals", and the next step is the Final Four. With four excellent dancers and one guy that tries real hard still left in the competition, I gotta say: You can like Ty. You can admire how far he's come. You can find it not-at-all-creepy to see him gyrating his pelvis right at his wife's face-level in front of a cheering crowd. but can you really say you want him to beat out the other four to keep on dancing? OK, now that I got that out of my system, let's get started: ...more

Dancing with the Stars recap: The Top 6 Are Falling Apart!

Shoulders, ribs...these folks are limping towards the finish line! It was clear from the opening of the show that someone was missing, and host Tom Bergeron told us that "Bachelor" "star" Melissa had injured herself and wouldn't be performing that night. He saved until later telling how "how that would affect the competition". ...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 7and the Infamous Group Number

OK, it's tightening up here at DWtS, as 4 of the couples continue to consistently shine, one couple fights to join those four as a front-runner couple, and two couples indicate they have come about as far as they can. Everyone danced a different style last night, which is fun, on the one hand, because of all the variety, but does rob you of the ability to directly compare one couple to another on the same style. Let's dig right in: 1. Melissa and Tony kicked it off with an Argentine Tango ...more

Although I didn't watch the last episode, I heard that Lawrence was kicked off instead off Ty ...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 8 Rumba and Jive

Season 8 of Dancing with the Stars has shaped up to be a pretty good year. Even those stars with limited dance skills have had charm and appeal. This year there is no Billy Ray Cyrus or Jerry Springer to drive me crazy with their inexplicably long stays on the show. It's oddly heartwarming to see these disparate celebs discover the discipline that dance requires and the fulfillment that dance delivers! This week couples performed either the romantic rumba or the jumpy, jazzy Jive. 1. Ty and Chelsie danced the Jive ...more

Dancing with the Stars recap: The Top 9 are each stepping up...

...In their own way, at their own skill level Now that the early chaff has been separated from the wheat, the Top 9 are each showing improvement and becoming really fun to watch. I'm not saying they're all good. Or that they al deserve to win, or even be in the finals. But they each are taking this very seriously and showing marked improvements over their own starting point. So, let's get started: 1. Chuck and Julianne danced the Viennese Waltz ...more

I want him to stick around now too. He really tried and I thought his Frenchie cartoon character ...more