Dancing in Tom’s Footsteps: A Successful Cause Marketing Campaign

Not long ago we wrote an article about branding and included Tom’s shoes as an example of a successfully implemented unique selling proposition. Their charity appeals to the philanthropist in many, and helps motivate a buyer to choose Tom’s over a similar shoe due in part to the successful branding. Let’s dig deeper into Tom’s charities and find out what it is that they do for the world and how they do it....more

Having the time of my life—no green beer needed

This morning I donned my new green t-shirt with the smiley face with little consideration to today being St. Patrick’s Day.I spent the morning at the playground with my daughter and a friend and her two kids, followed by grocery shopping and a stop at the pet store for cat food. After our errands, it seemed frozen yogurt was in order. As we spooned on toppings, I thought about what a sweet day it had been....more

Flamenco Dancing Makes Me Feel Beautiful

The guitar begins to play, simply at first, and then with so many notes it seems there must be five instruments on stage instead of one. Then a voice, strained and mournful, fills the space. I enter, head held high, skirt moving in rhythm. A deep breath, a pause before a flurry of footwork, arched arms and swirling skirts, and I feel beautiful. Of course, I also feel nervous, and sometimes even a little unsure of the choreography, but there is something about being on that very humble stage that makes me feel undeniably beautiful....more
@Cindyhuber Thank you so much Cindy!  WIshing you the best of luck on your dance journey!more

Dancing Crazy Barefoot in the Kitchen

Yesterday while driving back from a meeting, I heard Phillip Phillip's song "Home" on the radio. I car-danced like crazy to that song at a stop light and couldn't wait to get home and share it with my kids. From the moment he first auditioned for American Idol last year, I was cheering for him. That boy has music flowing through every fiber of his being. He cannot help but move as he sings. And he moves everything, all at once, in not always aesthetically pleasing ways, but it is movement born within the very nature of music and it makes me smile to see him so overcome with joy and rhythm....more

"Bandstand": Memories of a Teenage Crush

Dick Clark and American Bandstand played a big role in my early years. After the Ricky Nelson crush, I lost my heart to another teen idol.  Living in Philadelphia had the advantage that it was the home of American Bandstand, the TV show on which  adolescents who jitterbugged became as famous as movie stars. ...more
Jimmy Peatross was a good friend. He had a great sense of humor and may have been just about the ...more

Why I Can't Dance

When I was  around 3 years old, my mother enrolled me in a tap dance class. I had teeny-tiny tap shoes, a leotard, tights, and a tutu.I remember being very excited about those tap shoes. They made such a delightful noise on the kitchen floor, and they were shiny patent leather....more
 @HomeRearedChef You are so lucky! It really is a skill that is difficult to learn.more

The Dancing Cook

Today I think will be a ramble. I am just going to type and see what pops up here. Blank, blank, blank, blank....okay here we go....blank, blank, blank...  I received the new The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier the other day and the first thing I cooked was the Tequila Lime Chicken!!! That was an A+ for me. So very yummy. Today I'm going to try the Dr....more

Oh, Poop!

The title, well, I mean it literally, really I do, but more on that in a bit...  Last night The Hubby and I attended (instead of my walking group) a private party Casino and dancing night at the famed Cain's Ballroom. Mid Life Crisis Band played and we danced and danced and danced, so there was no need for the walking, trust me....more

I Have A Headache

There is a lot of thinking going on around in my noggin lately and I'm beginning to get a headache from all buzzing between my ears. There's just so much stuff that bounces around all the time that sometimes the thoughts just get in a jumble.  The mind has been on my recent decision to join the Walk Fit Program at Fleet Feet that starts February 27 here in Tulsa....more


Some more lyrical prose: Eking toward brightness, center bound. Layers like clothes peel away, broken, soiled, worn with care. Shed like tears to fill and fill and fill that river. Turning inside out, spinning in the wind. Wind of words and musts and oughts and shoulds and someday soon....more