Why I Can't Dance

When I was  around 3 years old, my mother enrolled me in a tap dance class. I had teeny-tiny tap shoes, a leotard, tights, and a tutu.I remember being very excited about those tap shoes. They made such a delightful noise on the kitchen floor, and they were shiny patent leather....more
 @HomeRearedChef You are so lucky! It really is a skill that is difficult to learn.more

The Dancing Cook

Today I think will be a ramble. I am just going to type and see what pops up here. Blank, blank, blank, blank....okay here we go....blank, blank, blank...  I received the new The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier the other day and the first thing I cooked was the Tequila Lime Chicken!!! That was an A+ for me. So very yummy. Today I'm going to try the Dr....more

Oh, Poop!

The title, well, I mean it literally, really I do, but more on that in a bit...  Last night The Hubby and I attended (instead of my walking group) a private party Casino and dancing night at the famed Cain's Ballroom. Mid Life Crisis Band played and we danced and danced and danced, so there was no need for the walking, trust me....more

I Have A Headache

There is a lot of thinking going on around in my noggin lately and I'm beginning to get a headache from all buzzing between my ears. There's just so much stuff that bounces around all the time that sometimes the thoughts just get in a jumble.  The mind has been on my recent decision to join the Walk Fit Program at Fleet Feet that starts February 27 here in Tulsa....more


Some more lyrical prose: Eking toward brightness, center bound. Layers like clothes peel away, broken, soiled, worn with care. Shed like tears to fill and fill and fill that river. Turning inside out, spinning in the wind. Wind of words and musts and oughts and shoulds and someday soon....more

Daytime Drinking

Blog Directory Been avoiding the highway where that big rock sits cracking from the Chinese lady frowning at it when it doesn't look right. I went down the hill to the gallery on the street and danced for like twenty songs to the beat of the guy in the black and white shirt's hot stare. He was tall and I kept looking for him in the crowd, by the bathrooms below which the movie screen projected cartoons of sandwiches and icecream above a yellow cardboard looking wave....more

The Gift of Gold

Dear Ms. F,Please excuse the jBird from being tardy to school on Friday. You see, there was something in the air.Surely you understand as both a teacher and a mother that I am constantly in awe of this little person who decided to take a chance on me. She is such an independent child, so surely you understand how I spend a lot of time trying to convince her to lay all her love on me....more
@sassymonkey Thanks! We thought so.more

A Memory per Decade

OK just for grins I'm going to write about the first memory that pops in my head for each decade since I was born.  ...more
I think it is really a cool idea! It is amazing all that we can dig up from our "memory files," ...more

Mix-Tape Monday

Actually Mummy... I went to school mega-happy this morning because Mummy put her dancing music on. Now Daddy says you are going to want to cover your ears at this point, but I’m with Mummy. Tacky, it may be; inappropriate lyrics for a 7-year-old, certainly, but I’m not listening to those – I’m just diggin’ the beat babe! Innit (apparently it’s really cool to say that!):   ...more


flamingo, knight, loupe.Carolina Hayes pulled her feathered, electrified and bedazzled headdress off and put it on a shelf in the back of the dressing room.  Jessica Martin and Arlene Treanor were nearby, doing the same.  They all sat and took off their strappy sandals with the 4 inch heels... For the rest of this story and more by neekswrite, please click here!...more
Your writing and story creating skills are just amazing, Monique. I am a fan! ~Virginiamore