“Every Little Step” – Fun DVD

If you like the theater and/or you dance, sing, act – you know about the audition process and how nerve wracking it can be....more

Back In the Club


Women of the Dance

There are certain songs that I must dance when they are played. The music forces me out of my chair and commands me to move my body in defiance of a culture that tells me I’m too old to shake that thing. Mainly I dance with myself and every once in a while with Billy Idol. For Merce Cunningham I imagined that every day of his life he was commanded to move his body in dance. ...more

Thanks for writing and posting this, Gena.  I, too, am a non-professional dancer who ...more

So You Think You Can Dance - 100th Episode, Katie Holmes, and Results Show Recap

So I thought I'd semi-live-blog this shindig, since it's supposed to be fan-freakin'-tastic! So far, we're 27 minutes in and I don't think anything mind blowing has happened. I'm anxiously awaiting Katie Holmes, Nigel! Hok Konishi an Jaimie Goodwin performed their Wade Robeson Hummingbird routine - which I think was just as good as the first time. ...more

My Wild Dancing Queen Self & the Need for Play

Without (the Wild Woman), women's innereyes are closed by some shadowy hand,and large parts of their days are spent in a semi-paralyzingennui or else wishful thinking. ...more

The Daily 5-Minute Dance Party!

What’s a great way for you and your kids to have fun together, while allowing them to be their unique selves and express themselves physically? The Daily Five Minute Dance Party! Get some fun music to play anywhere that is safe in your house, turn it up, and start dancing with your kids. ...more

Dance Yourself Back To Life

Las Vegas: high-speed city of debauchery, lights and excess. This is where I got married so, this being my life, it made perfect sense that I would happen to be here again, following a decision to get divorced. ...more

Salsa, yeah I love it!  It's amazing. So much fun, expression and PASSION!!!

To ...more

Another Day

  Enjoy my ins and out of my everyday life working at The American Red Cross and being a mother, wife at home. http://anotherdaywithbetsy.blogspot.com/ ...more

I am beginning to think that this is expected from working Mom's.  We are to juggle everything ...more

My Mother Dancing at 90: Some Things Never Change

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more

Spider Monkeys

Spider Monkeys… I almost became a human version of one these the last couple of weeks. Almost… ...more