The Daily 5-Minute Dance Party!

What’s a great way for you and your kids to have fun together, while allowing them to be their unique selves and express themselves physically? The Daily Five Minute Dance Party! Get some fun music to play anywhere that is safe in your house, turn it up, and start dancing with your kids. ...more

Dance Yourself Back To Life

Las Vegas: high-speed city of debauchery, lights and excess. This is where I got married so, this being my life, it made perfect sense that I would happen to be here again, following a decision to get divorced. ...more

Salsa, yeah I love it!  It's amazing. So much fun, expression and PASSION!!!

To ...more

Another Day

  Enjoy my ins and out of my everyday life working at The American Red Cross and being a mother, wife at home. ...more

I am beginning to think that this is expected from working Mom's.  We are to juggle everything ...more

My Mother Dancing at 90: Some Things Never Change

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more

Spider Monkeys

Spider Monkeys… I almost became a human version of one these the last couple of weeks. Almost… ...more

Dancing Crushes are More Than Healthy | Women's Voices For Change

OK, OK, so ScienceDaily trumpets the health benefits of dancing, and other studies have indicated that dancing may very help to prevent dementia, but I can tell you for sure that dancing provides an additional -- and very important -- benefit that none of the scientific studies have touched. ...more

Dance The Years Away: It's Scientific!

A news fillip for a holiday weekend: ...more

Aloe me to introduce myself....

Journey got the right idea, “don’t stop belieeeving” They just don’t play this song enough! There’s nothing better than listening to your favorite jam over and over again on a tape deck, I’ve recorded the song about 15 times on each side as to avoid the hazard of rewinding and moped-ing. ...more

Hey beautiful,I love ...more

A dance with my husband

I love to dance.  For many years, I went to a small club in Boston and danced nearly every Saturday night.  I went with two different sets of girl-friends over the years.  I had so much fun selecting my outfits and accessories  (bling) for going out.   I made sure my hair was just so ...more

Submitting is Winning & Energized by Music

Submitting is winning: ...more