Recipe to get rid of blemishes and dandruff

apply a small dab of coconut oil two times a day directly on pimples.massage 2 tbs.of virgin coconut oil or 1/2 cup coco milk into scalp and hair. cover with a shower cap, leave on for 20 minutes, rinse and shampoo. do this two times weekly.

All-Natural Miracle Hair Product: Coconut Oil

When I was a little girl, my mother used to massage my scalp with coconut oil and braid my hair before bed every night. At the time, I thought that coconut oil only make my hair smell funny and excessively greasy. Fast forward twenty years later and I am the one massaging coconut oil in my scalp and braiding my hair before bed (not every night, but at least once a week) AND I'm recommending it to all my clients! ...more
oooooh! I've heard a lot about coconut oil. I think I would like to try this! Where do I buy it at?more