Car Fire -- Don't Try This at Home

This morning, I witnessed an insane, unexpected car fire at the intersection of my street and the busy thoroughfare where the bus stop is.  When I arrived at the bus stop, I was annoyed with my sassing son who was toting along his backpack which rivaled his weight, refusing to empty the contents to make it more manageable.  My kid is heading toward hoarder!...more


It was a Saturday and nothing moved in the still heat of the Tel Aviv morning. The eerily deserted street swam before my eyes. I blinked. Was this real?Last night, I had tasted the metallic taste of death in my dry mouth, had felt its grip around my aching neck and had squirmed like a rat in a trap, muscles tensing and relaxing involuntarily with the poison they had given me, the breaths hurting my chest as I snatched them from‘Pssssst,’...more

Please don't confuse being scared with being aware. posted on Facebook a run in I had this past weekend that I think is a good reminder to be aware of your surroundings. Many people have shared it, which I think is great and I have really enjoyed all the comments and personal stories people have added. One comment has stuck with me which is why I felt compelled to post this entry. ...more

Dangers of Pesticides and Gardening.

   Pesticides can pose a great risk to  you and your family. Not using pesticides can cause great risk to  your crops. What is it that you can do to make the right choice for you and your family? First off we have to look at what a pesticide is....more

Fashion advice for Moms Who Cook (M.W.C.)

The subject is overlooked. Experts are free with their advice about the latest IT fashion each season, but how does this translate to normal life? A life that doesn’t take place on fashionable strolls, along boulevards dotted with fashionably faded cafés where the fashionably pouty drink café noisette from oh so fashionable vintage cups....more

Black Lab: 1 Sandee:0

I love dogs. I consider myself a dog person. In fact, the only reason we don’t already have a dog is because I don’t want another mammal in my house that doesn’t wipe it’s own ass.This past weekend, Nick and I took the kids to Wisconsin to get out of the city and spend some time with friends. In an attempt to stay on track with getting in shape, I decided to take advantage of the brisk springtime weather and take a power walk through a nearby neighborhood....more

The Freak Accident

 Freak accidents always catch us off guard. We can’t even picture the weird things that can happen.  The ones we can imagine, we try not to think about....more

Teaching Kids About Stranger Danger Without Scarring Them for Life

This afternoon, Maximilien was playing with a friend and he went around the corner of the building to chase after his paper airplane but then he did not re-appear right away. I waited three heartbeats before going after him. I turned the corner and he wasn't there. Then I turned the next corner and there he was... talking to a stranger. A man who was crouched down near Max with his hand on his shoulder. I can't explain the feelings I felt in that moment; before I knew it, I was yelling his name louder than I ever had....more

Interesting post and thread about a tricky subject. Both fostering a sense of trust and not ...more

Stranger Danger 101

Stranger Danger 101 Tonight I had one of those feelings that I needed to have a conversation with my son about the "real" world. I don't know what brought the feeling on, but I attempted to address it as best I could. My son is in cub scouts and a few months ago, while reading through the manual, I took mental note of a section teaching kids about lurking dangers in today's society....more

Makin' News Monday: Breastmilk Icecream is Dangerous??

It can be creamy, comforting, and even sinful (if eaten by the gallon) but I must admit, the word 'breast' never pops into my mind when thinking of ice cream. ...more

I see your "eww", and raise you a "yuck". I don't think they pasteurize the milk, but even if ...more