My Pool Rules

Growing up we had a pool. It was fun. Summers were a blast. My house was inviting and my friends would hang out and spend all day with us. I never gave much thought about how being a pool owner would be as an adult. It’s not the same....more

Distracted Driving Makes You a Deadly Weapon - Sign No Phone Zone Pledge

Question: Doesn't your life and the lives of your passengers and everybody else on the road trump the need to be in on constant communication with others? If your answer is no, you have a big problem. Mobile phones are wonderful devices, however they have many too many people addicts. Yes, if you can't drive without using your cell phone, you are an addict and a danger to your self and others. ...more

Dangers of Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs!

I had this on my myspace page for awhile and decided I should share it with more people! This is a post about the energy efficient light bulbs and why they are dangerous! This is a must read if you use these type of bulbs!   http://mysouthernhippiemarriedmomoffourlife. ...more

Poll Results: Would you let your child walk to school alone?

Poll Results We know for a fact (The Center For Disease Control & Prevention reports) that violent crimes against children are down 40% since 1973 (50 in 1000) and that kidnapping makes up less than 2% of those crimes. Would you let your child walk to school alone? 48% said Yes 52% said No Keeping Your Child Safe On The Street ...more

Lone Travel in Latin America, or, How I Beat My Fears to a Pulp

I do so love adventure - it's the best thing that's ever happened to me - and, after reading ...more