Cross Post: There is No Shame in Hope

It is relatively impossible for me to talk about hope without talking about spirituality. Because in my opinion, if there is no faith source, how can there be genuine hope? What is there to have hope in?...more
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1st time around!!!

1st time around!!!Ok so I'm totally new to this blogging thing, but I need an outlet so here goes. Lately life has been going great I'm recently engaged, for the first time in my life I really like and can move up in my job plus i play the awesome sport of ROLLER DERBY!!! but somethings been missing. ...more

Holding on to hope, with a Special needs future.

Forever 17As each day passes we face new challenges, My 17 year old Sis is consistently told “NO” With explanations she isn’t really able to grasp. Her new crusade is Driving… “I want to drive someday” I hear this a hundred times a day. It breaks my heart more and more. As a Mother we hold onto hope that our kids will break down barriers and somehow be given every opportunity to take on all that life has to offer. For my sweet Sis there are some things she will never know....more
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Hooray for Change

It's enough to make me want to watch TV at 10 p.m. Watching Obama's acceptance speech lastnight -- even though I felt in my heart of hearts he'd win all the time - was pretty moving. It's enough to make you want to hope again! He's stepping into some precarious times, some sad and difficult times, but I wonder if we'd have elected him were these times not so tough. There's more to it than his being our first black president - momentous as that is - there is history and dare I say not a little providence in his moving to this post at this time. ...more

The clliche - "the darkest hour is just before the dawn" has come into my mind more ...more