The hot little tip that woke up my face

So it really wasn't until the birth of my second child that I ever thought about using concealer. I started out with a Bobbie Brown Tinted Eye Brightener. It is a relatively sheer formula and I lightly tapped the little doe foot applicator under my eyes every morning in lieu of a full nights sleep. Worked well but when I ran out I did not bother to repurchase. Cue third child and I picked up a Mary Kay facial highlighting pen to help get me through. Worked wonders--so much so that I swear it only lasted 4 weeks if that. I was using a. lot. of. product....more
I should try this!  Sleep deprivation wrecks your face :(more

Brighten Your Eyes with Pixi by Petra

Can You Banish Dark Undereye Circles?

There are a few questions that I am frequently asked and one of them is – what can I do about my dark undereye circles?  I wish there was a magical cure for dark undereye circles, I have them myself, but there isn’t.  Undereye circles are caused by a few different reasons and so there is more than one solution for the problem.  Below I’ve listed the different reasons for dark undereye circles and possible solutions.    Dark Undereye Circles Caused by Hyperpi...more