Crosspost: Lost?

Angel in the Night

I believe last night I was used as a messenger for a friend, who at this time, is unable to hear his angels. Sometimes, when life gets us down, it's hard to see, hear and/or feel, the Love that surrounds us daily. I told him I was more than happy to be "woked" up in the middle of the night, and that as soon as I scribbled the message on my notepad, I knew it was for him. At the same time, though not on this particular's a message for me, and a message for you. ...more

Living Backward to Attract the Life You Want

Okay, I’ll be transparent, open and authentic and admit that my life in 2007 didn’t go as I had planned. Events left me feeling depressed and hopeless for a day or so rather than months. Before I discovered how important my thinking was in making a difference in the direction that my life goes, I have no doubt that the depression and despair would have lingered. ...more