Nobody knows you like Facebook

As previously mentioned, I am not a Facebook user. (And, for the record, I have no problem with people who are avid Facebook users as long as they understand the site's policies.) I know how the site works as I used to have to monitor my company's account. When I did the monitoring, I had lots of internal conversations about data tracking with my bosses. So, I was very intrigued to read how well Facebook knows who you are with just your "like" data....more

Dare - Spring Into Action - Why Get a New Tablet

It is terrific to take a dare and explore how the latest technology can make things better for your business. It is a well-known and established fact that sales of tablet devices have increased in popularity over the past several years. In some cases, consumers are choosing to purchase tablet devices instead of desktop or laptop computers....more

Should I Give Them My Data?

We’ve heard lots and lots about data breaches in the last decade. And with the term “cloud” becoming more prevalent (which, incidentally, just refers to a computer server connected to the internet), people are asking how secure their data is on the various websites they agree to host it.For example, online banking, online backup, social media, email and the various free services you may subscribe to are cloud-based and house lots of personal information. But are they secure? The answer is, “It depends.”...more

Back Up Google And Facebook Data

We are increasingly reliant on online calendars and address books, but when you store everything in the cloud, there is the possibility that your essential data could evaporate.Some insist that you have nothing to worry about but what if you got hacked and all your data was deleted? What if you temporarily lost Internet access, but you need your contacts or calendars?Backing up any type of vital data is always a smart decision.  Here’s a few simple and inexpensive tools to back-up data you’ve stored in the cloud:...more

California Central Coast Political Watch

. Please check us out at We will speak liberally, factually, respectfully and forcefully about candidates and issues. ...more

Statistically, I Don't Know Jack

And yet I am surrounded by statistical concepts every day. Sometime I am defined by them and sometimes statistics are used as a weapon.  Now it is not that I am totally ignorant. I make observations on human behavior, expected outcomes and playing the odds of will I make it across the street alive with a solid green light at rush hour. But I don't have the mathematical language to be able to express it.  I don't have access to those folks who have a different idea of what a standard deviant is than I do. ...more

Research methods first semester, statistics second... with a prof who refused to let us use ...more

Bono in Washington, DC

I have to push down all of my stalker tendencies today. I was listening to the radio this morning, and the DJ slyly let it slip that Bono is in town today to talk to some senators, most likely about getting more aid for Africa. Let's face it Bono and DATA are pretty much one track minds, aid for Africa, aid for Africa, aid for Africa. I don't think Bono has much time for dinner with me, right? ...more

It is good, I love him for all the good he does, but one day when he is old and gray (still ...more