So, um, this week’s cancer date night

One of the things cancer did was motivate Hubby and me to establish a standing Friday night date. I’ve blogged about this in the past, and how — pathetically — I’ve maintained date night alone most Fridays since Hubby died.This week’s date seemed more important to me. Perhaps because I’ve been out of town the last couple of Fridays, and I’m headed out again on Monday for a couple weeks. ...more

20 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas

Back when hubby and I were dating, long before kids, date nights were a regular thing.  Whether it was the movies, bowling or playing pool, we always went out....more

Keeping It Sexy: 9 Date Night Tips For New Parents

The days with baby are long; early-morning wake up calls from the nursery followed by a full day of bottles, burps, diaper changes, playtime, unsuccessful naps, mess cleaning, appointments, classes and a mountain of other chores that we like to call the ‘baby admin.’...more
I am definitely guilty of trying to figure out what to do- i find myself jamming my day with a ...more

Call in the grandparents - mum and dad need a break

My mum and dad arrive today from the UK. I have frantically tidied the lounge and am now attempting to write my daily blog post (NaBloPoMo you are a task master!) before they arrive. I know its going to be a hectic and exciting day with zero time for blogging later. ...more

10 Ideas Guaranteed to Improve 'Date Night'

Admittedly, some of the dates I've planned have not gone as well as intended.  Trust me, the art fair in the rain is less romantic than it sounds.  And camping was not a huge success with my resort-loving husband.  Occasionally, though, we hit it out of the park....more
I know what works..a Margaritsmore

The Doldrums: New Baby and the Disappearing Date Night

The other day my husband lamented,  "we are in the doldrums of our relationship."...more

3 Sexy Hairstyles That go from Day to Night!

Show off your neck, your ears, your sexy collarbone with these hairstyles. -PJ Gach...more

Childfree Date Night: Shovels and Rope at the Fillmore!

Photo by Sarah M....more

Satur-Date Movie Gone Girl

Cheap (or free) date night ideas

My husband and I live on one income. We make ends meet, but we also are trying to save, save, save. So when we do actually get a chance to go on a date, you’d better believe we’re doing everything we can to spend the least amount of money possible.Here are a few of our favorite things to do to stretch your dollar while spending some quality time together. Alone....more