Watching Movies (parent style)

Myself and my husband are big film fans. Our pre-parent selves watched a lot of movies and made numerous treks to the cinema. We stacked our shelves with all the new releases as well as hunting down eighties and nineties classics. Trust me when I say we have a lot of DVDs. Fast forward to now and our child is two. Since her arrival I have noticed a steady decline in our movie watching. I was prepared for this when she was a newborn. We broke up the night into two shifts so that each of us got at least five hours sleep....more

Date Night...with 6 kids underfoot!

As a blended family we do our best to spend as much together time as possible.  We are still working on making our blended family work as a cohesive unit and family time is very important to us.However, spending lots of quality time together leaves for very little adult time. I am a firm believer in making sure that your relationship is strong in order to ensure that your family is successful....more

Five Ways to Shake Up Date Night in Your 40's

Jessica Date night just isn’t the same as it was when you were younger and first dating your spouse. And that’s okay.We do, however, still enjoy date night, and I think that most couples would agree, dating is an important component of a happy marriage....more

Date Idea: Trapeze Lesson

Two weekends ago, Stephen and I took a trapeze lesson.I had signed us up earlier this year - a $40 Groupon, so why not?Months passed, and we finally found ourselves at the the lake front starring at a steep ladder, a couple swinging bars, and a catching net.We laughed. What the hell are we doing? Yet we parked the car....more

Yes, I AM With The Band...

In my wonderful big haired and tight jeans youth I think there was one phrase I would have (almost) given my right arm to say, “Yes...I am with the band.” ...more

Valentine's Day Date Night Look

Valentine's Day Date Night Look The season of love is right around the corner....more

La Buonissima! oka “The Sooooo Good!”

Let’s talk about life in Modena for a moment.  This past weekend on Saturday night I convinced my man to take me out.  Actually, I should have gone out on Friday the 18th because my horoscope said that Friday was my day for being social.  But I’m not complaining,  Saturday was just fine!We spent the day inside in PJs cleaning up my disaster of a house.  Then we had late showers and headed out around 6 pm. ...more

Let's all celebrate and have a good time!

My husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary this weekend… DATE NIGHT!!!!!  WAHOEY!I have mixed emotions though.  As you can tell I’m happy, but I’m also nervous, sad, and excited....more