18 Summery, Sexy Date Night Dresses for Every Budget

Got a hot date? Check out these dresses for a fab night out. Some dresses are under $15! -PJ Gach...more
Karen Ballum Isn't it! And the price is pretty good too!!more

Date Night

You know, it really doesn't have to be fancy. It needn't involve classy restaurants or expensive tickets or getting dressed up to the nines. And it doesn't necessarily require a lot of pre-planning or sweating the details. It's about setting time aside to enjoy each other's company. ...more
reallifesurreallife That's beautiful, Julianne! Your parents must be so happy together. Thanks ...more

5 Dating Ideas To Get Out And About This Spring/Summer

With the beautiful weather fast approaching, it’s high time that we suggest some date ideas for our active couples and singles out there. Being active makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, and getting in shape with your partner or even on your own, will help get your endorphins flowing, get you more fit, and rev up your sex life! We have compiled a list of awesome date ideas and activities for active people....more

10 Awesome Winter Date Ideas

The winter season is here and the cold weather is keeping us indoors, but that shouldn't stop you from having date night! Unfortunately we can’t utilize the outdoors as much as we would like to, so here at T2B we have conjured up a list of creative and romantic ideas for you to use to woo your special someone. ...more

Lemon Butter Chicken: Dinner for two

Surprise your other half with this delicious date night meal....more

By Candlelight: The Secret to My Grandparents' Marriage

Hmmm, I think I'm going to have to add foot massages to my nightly routine now, Kevin. Thanks! ;)more

Make up tips for the first date

You’ve been finally asked to go out on a date with the boy of your dreams! You want to leave the best possible impression on him? You can achieve it effortlessly by following our tips below....more

I LOVE Weddings

 I would love to get married over and over again, to Mr. C of course, just to plan a different wedding each time. I am perfectly satisfied with the wedding we did have. I’m just saying wouldn’t it be cool to have a beach wedding, get married in the snow, have a themed wedding and get married in a baseball stadium? No? Just me? Well then…...more

mtn mama: fall back

We probably won't win parents of the month, but James and I went on a date in the big city last night (yes, the night after daylight savings) for a ski movie.  Snow had been swirling and lowering in the Bitterroots through the weekend only to see a couple flakes fly at our house.  It felt perfect, driving through fluffy flakes to Zootown!  Falling back into winter again, James' favorite season. ...more