Thankful for Saturday Mornings

Four days into a month of thankfulness and the list of things from which to choose is still quite lengthy.  My fourth reason for thankfulness is as much a blessing as the others, which means it’s quite a big deal to me....more

A Frugal Date Night

Have you stopped or cut back on date night due to the economy?  There are quite a few things you can do that cost less than $20 and still give you that valuable "couple" time!1.  Take a walk together.  Go to your local lake, river, or park and take a walk.  Hold hands and talk to each other without the world interrupting.  Cost:  Free....more

Dinner and a Movie: The Devil Inside

Dukan:Finished Attack PhaseStarted Cruise PhaseTotal lost in attack=6lbs!Date Night HA, I am getting my Friday post in a wee bit late but hey, it counts!...more
@SenoraG Variety is the spice of life! I wish I was as brave as you :)more

Thankful for date night with my hubby

Day 18- What I am Thankful for!November 18, 2011Today I am Thankful for date night with my husband, no cooking for me tonight, dinner at our favorite German restaurant and a concert...more

Date night: missing an arm

Dean and I had an impromptu date night this evening. Imagine that.My assistant, Jamie, needed to break up her usual afternoon hours, so we thought, hey, let's have her come back in the evening and sit with Aidan for a bit. Now, there's an idea.It was the original vision when I hired Jamie. One night a week, we were going to have her stay with Aidan while Dean and I saw movies and friends and, well, each other. But we haven't been doing that. Jamie's been with us for three months now but, somehow, we've just not gotten organized to have her work one evening....more

Big Hair, Big Plans


Staying In...It's All the Rage!

I have been searching high and low for a budgeting "system" that works for me. Dave Ramsey's approach is awesome, I have friends that follow it religiously and have been rewarded accordingly.  I however, need a system I cannot cheat!  I lack restraint and need the structure but prefer something black and white and extreme. ...more
@Amanda_Magee I am on the lookout, thank you for the referral, I love food with friends and ...more

Weekend Rewind

So the plan was to post like crazy starting Friday.  However, my body had other plans.  I left a 12 hour day at work on Friday with a terrible headache.  It took everything I had to get home without incident.  Once I was at home, I was not in the mood to eat or move so I spent the evening in the fetal position on the couch.  I think my over caffination, under hydration was to blame. ...more
@sassymonkey My allergies faded a bit when I moved. I think that the extra long day did me in.more

Date Night Menu

cackling proclaimations

Saturday, July 2, 2011...more