Serene Sunday - Quick Date Night

Serene Sunday - for me, serenity can be found in Quick Date Night with my husband. Each Sunday throughout the month of September I will be exploring ways to find serenity in one hour or less. This week, I am finding serenity in Quick Date Night with my husband. ...more

Date Night "Rule" I Refuse To Follow....

I always hear and read a rule that if you are ever on a date night with your husband that you should not talk about your kids?  I have to whole heartedly disagree with that. There is not one moment that I do not think about my children, as I am sure all of us feel that way. I am not me without them. Just like I am not me with my husband. We all go hand in hand. That is why I get so annoyed when people say "never talk about kids on date nights!". I just do not get it....more

Just Plain Rude - a Night at the Movies

My husband and I went to the movies last weekend with some very good friends, who brought along their 22 year old daughter. These friends have been part of our lives since our children were in pre-school, and since their daughter lives out of town I hadn’t seen her in quite some time. Naturally I was very excited when she and her mother walked in to the theater, and we all sat down and got busy chatting.At that moment it was 10 minutes before the movie was supposed to start, and on the screen was the dancing Coca-Cola bear, along with assorted other commercials....more
 @HomeRearedChef I have no words for what you experienced! How utterly rude! And disgusting. ...more

5 Fun St Patrick's Day Date Ideas!

For anyone not officially Irish or over the age of 21, St Patrick’s Day can be overlooked as a holiday. However, this year it falls on a Saturday. What better inspiration for a date idea than a St. Patrick’s day themed date night?...more

Date Night

 Mort Guffman via Flikr  ...more

Cold Nights and Movie Watching

The Rooster and I enjoy watching movies and since the invention of RedBox, we watch them quite often. There haven’t been a ton of great ones lately, but here are the ones we’ve seen in the past couple of weeks and my thoughts on them......more

Thankful for Saturday Mornings

Four days into a month of thankfulness and the list of things from which to choose is still quite lengthy.  My fourth reason for thankfulness is as much a blessing as the others, which means it’s quite a big deal to me....more

A Frugal Date Night

Have you stopped or cut back on date night due to the economy?  There are quite a few things you can do that cost less than $20 and still give you that valuable "couple" time!1.  Take a walk together.  Go to your local lake, river, or park and take a walk.  Hold hands and talk to each other without the world interrupting.  Cost:  Free....more

Dinner and a Movie: The Devil Inside

Dukan:Finished Attack PhaseStarted Cruise PhaseTotal lost in attack=6lbs!Date Night HA, I am getting my Friday post in a wee bit late but hey, it counts!...more
@SenoraG Variety is the spice of life! I wish I was as brave as you :)more

Thankful for date night with my hubby

Day 18- What I am Thankful for!November 18, 2011Today I am Thankful for date night with my husband, no cooking for me tonight, dinner at our favorite German restaurant and a concert...more