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cackling proclaimations

Saturday, July 2, 2011...more


I had a business meeting in New York. When I realized I needed to stay over night, I invited my husband to join me for dinner at Lupa Osteria for dinner and stay with me at Cooper Square Hotel. We had a wonderful time. The food is great at Lupa. I love the energy of the restaurant and the atmosphere of the location. It reminded me of an Osteria in Rome. And the Cooper Square Hotel has terrific views of the city. The rooms are very comfortable and the service is personal but not intrusive. It was nice to connect with my husband sans the kids and their activities for just one night....more

La Dolce Vita Veloce:AROMA CUCINA

La Dolce Vita Veloce:AROMA CUCINA For those who don't speak Italian, that roughly translates to the The Fast Sweet Life.  All in a day (or so): infiorata (decorating w/ flowers) for Corpus Domini in Montone, a ride to the Ligurian Riviera with the top down, cocktails and dinner al fresco in Porto Venere, an early morning visit to the industrial port, and a maiden voyage motorcycle ride back home to Umbria.  Mamma mia, siamo stanchi!  ...more

If it wasn't because we are already married...this would be our last date.

Last weekend was we made an attempt at having a date night. We were supposed to have a romantic dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant and then we would be off to see a movie. We were supposed to leave work early, meet at home, change and then head on out again. Babysitting was covered and the kids were looking forward to a date night of their own. They had control over the babysitters, Oreo cookies, freshly baked brownies, and the Wii remote controls! They couldn't wait to get rid of us....more

Thank you for the vote of confidence. IT certainly is a long road!!


date night... just me, michael and the local police

My Mom works for a surgeon's office and has been there for years. To make some extra money, my sister and her husband clean the office once a week. That's important to know for this story. ...more

Lowering the Bar: Fewer Expectations & Finding the Positive

Date Night Last night DH and I had a date night and went to dinner....more

Motherly Advice: Late Night Valentine’s Day Meal Edition

  A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body....more

classy night out

Friday night is date night for Michael and I. Except it doesn't always work out every Friday night. Since last weekend was the camping trip and the weekend before was also busy, we haven't been on an official date in a few weeks. Michael is so good about making me feel special, so he asked me out to the movies yesterday afternoon....more