Reminder: Date Ideas from Datevitation

I am feeling a little lost for words today, as we just found out this morning that our dear Grisabella most likely has advanced kidney failure. We're still waiting on the results of one test to confirm that it's not an infection of some sort that's skewing the bloodwork results, but things are not looking at all good for her at the moment, so we are preparing for the worst. ...more

Review & Giveaway: Date Ideas from Datevitation

OK, I'll confess: I'm a fairly sentimental person. It's true! It never fails to thrill me whenever Peter leaves a little love note in his own handwriting for me (and I save every one of them!), or unexpectedly brings me flowers (though this happens far less now that we have three rambunctious cats living in our house!), or plans a special date for the two of us (something more than just, "I don't feel like cooking - let's go out for dinner"). ...more