Dating someone with kids and I don't have any.

I need help/advice. I am currently dating a man, 10 years older than me, divorced, with 2 kids(6 & 9) from his previous marriage. We have been together 1 and a half years. Call me cheesy, but he's my soulmate. I love him and I love his kids. At the beginning when I first met them, they loved me, they loved having me around and I really created a bond with them. He has them 50% of the time. I'm not sure when it happened, but recently, they've showed less interest in me, and me in them....more
MissCH10 We dealt with the mental/alcoholic issues also for a longtime.  You just have to rise ...more

10 Tips When Dating A Single Mom

I know as single moms, we tend to get a lot of advice and majority of the time it’s unsolicited. But how often do you hear about men getting good, solid advice when it comes to dating single moms. Well, I’m here to speak on behalf of the mothers....more
What a great post and helpful tips for many men out there who need this advice.  I know some ...more

Rejection: A Dish Best Served at a Short But Intense Pity Party.

I’ll be very honest with you: when Daniel disappeared, I did not take it well. I was a fucking mess, a shit show of sadness, confusion and self condemnation. Man a fucking live. I was all like: “What happened? What did I DOOOO??” I was lightly but definitely devastated. Fyi. ...more
DatewithLucy yes--super sexist and all for the best.more

It’s No Big Fucking Deal Ok? I Swear.

 When I began Lucy many moons and first dates ago, it quickly became evident how so many of the situations, emotions and MEN I was writing about were universally accessible or known qualities. But probably not a lot of you get messages like:“The cursing older mature woman.. I love it.. hahha.. How did you spend your fuc**ing weekend? Haha”or some witty variation thereof on a regular basis like I do because well, I’m me. #sigh...more


BUY OR BYE...more

I Wonder Wednesday: Can A Minimum Wage Boo Make You Happy?

 Can someone who makes minimum wage, or anywhere near, make you happy if you’re making considerably more money? Does money matter? I was listening to the radio and that question was raised. And it made me wonder, is it actually possible? Can you be happy if your significant other does not bring home mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money?...more

Premonitions and the One I Would Do Over.

I’ve stated many a time I believe in sacred contracts – who, when and how long – and I stand by that. That means I also don’t spend much time looking back or wishing things worked out differently because I believe they work out exactly as they were supposed to. I may not be particularly fucking HAPPY about it. But....more

The Truth About Online Dating

After my wife and I untied the knot, I had to put myself back on the market. If you thought adolescence was awkward, try posting pictures of yourself online so people can instantly judge and dismiss you.I’d rather be back in high school and go up to a girl sweating through my Lynryd Skynrd T-shirt with a face full of acne and take my chances.Women say guys rarely look like their picture, but I can assure you it goes both ways. Whoever said the camera doesn’t lie never went on a date....more
I would like a dating app with live chat so you can really see who are you talking to. Just like ...more

What Playing the Low to No Stakes Game Taught Me.

Now I'm going to reminisce more recently about my five month stint on a cougar site. Yup. I was that 52 year old woman on a date with a 21 year old cutie and we had no idea whether you noticed or not because we were too busy checking each other out while talking, talking, talking. And YUP, he was too young for me as I told him in my first reply but as he told me judging someone by their age is really a dickhead move so then we ended up meeting twice. And more. ...more
adelewishnot #whynot #yourekillingitmore

Dating: A Contemplation of Self

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I have had lots of horrendous luck in the dating and man attracting arena all of my life.  I am encroaching upon my 30th person in a few short months and I am truly curious about what I am projecting out into the universe to attract such horrible luck.  I had posed this question to my facebook friends and received a lot of wonderful perceptions and insights from others.  I wanted to share some of my thoughts and excerpts of some of those comments.Here is my original question:...more