Every Summer Has A Story

Every Summer Has A Story Its that time of year again when I am reminded that, “"In every girl's life, there's a boy she'll never forget & a summer when it all began.” Love may start in Spring, but it evolves in Summer....more

Keeping Your Love Life Strong When you have Teenagers

There are probably thousands of articles on how to keep your love life spicy when you have infants and just as many when you have young children and yet there seems very little in the way of us parents who are single and have teenagers.For those who don’t have teenagers or no kids at all I can’t help but be amused by some of the things I hear.“ You’re so lucky you can leave your kids home and go out and enjoy yourself. “...more

When You're Not a Pof. Com Virgin, Will it Still Hurt?

The first time I went onto plenty of fish.com I was 46 and it was a shit show. My 25 year old girlfriend Eriny recommended it and my son was traveling so I thought: I’m ready! I’ll try it. Wtf? Yeah. Famous last acronym. I wrote my best dating profile and a kick ass header and chose some pictures....more

Better Have Lonely Sundays Than An Un Happy Life

One morning while I was getting ready for work The Happy Boy came to me and said "mom, everyone is going to think you have a boyfriend! You look so pretty and pretty girls have boyfriends". Yes, pretty girls have boyfriends so why I don't have one? I had a boyfriend a couple of months ago but it lasted less than a month (and one month relationships does not count) so I can say I've been single for 3 years now. I have dated a couple of lucky guys but nothing formal or, as some would say, never exclusively. Why?...more


MIDDLE AGE DATING……..MIDDLE AGE CRAZY…. I have been married so long now I simply would not know how to date….First, I am very happy with my life…Second, I could not imagine having to be single and to date past the age of 40……I have so many friends who are past 40 and out in the dating world and I must say it doesn’t look pretty…… For me personally only to imagine dating  I wouldn’t even have a clue how to do it…….I am so used to being friends with everyone I would not know how to date…..Yes, my husband and I date and go to a movie or to dinner….but I have known him for ...more

You Can't Force a Guy Into A Relationship

There is absolutely no way to make a man commit to a relationship to you, at least not any relationship that you actually want and in which you will be happy. The best part of being in a relationship is knowing that you're connected to someone who chose to be with you, of his/her own free will and with no reluctant sense of obligation. Who wants to be with someone who needs to be coerced or dragged along unwillingly?...more
Laurend1985 ...or you both have very busy lives because you're working professionals, in school, ...more

A BJ Strike

March 14th was National Steak And Blowjob Day. Yes, it was. You read correctly. This isn’t some sort of April Fool’s joke. Steak and a BJ Day was supposed to be some sort of antidote to Valentine’s Day.  I’m not diametrically opposed to this holiday in theory. In reality I’m a vegetarian with a sensitive gag reflex so my actual celebration will be limited to simply saying, “Happy Steak and a B.J. day, honey.” My main issue with this male manufactured holiday is that Valentine’s Day is for mutual consumption. Gifts are reciprocal. Whereas Steak & a B.J....more

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