Trying To Get Over A Breakup? It's Time To Consider A Rebound

Somewhere between calling your ex and deciding that you’ll never love again, you ponder the thought of having a rebound.For years we’ve been lead to believe that a rebound relationship was one bad decision in a list of wrong decisions that you make post breakup. But unlike eating your weight in ice cream and drinking alone while you watch the notebook, a rebound relationship may actually be good for you....more

Forgiving in Relationships-Have You Tried It?

Oh no, the filthy word, FORGIVE!  Who wants to do that after you have been hurt in a relationship?  Shouldn’t you go on hating your ex or being mad at your partner if they have done you wrong?  Don’t you deserve to be angry if you have been hurt?I believe you are entitled to feeling angry if you have been hurt.  How you deal with the anger may be the problem.  ...more

5 Reasons To Stop Saying "He's Not My Type"

You’re at a bar and your friends point out a seemingly attractive guy. He seems nice, but you respond with “He’s not my type.”You’re online dating and a man who looks like he has things together messages you. He seems nice but, but “He’s not my type.”The “He’s not my type” epidemic has plagued the best of us. If you recall, the night I met the boyfriend, I said multiple times that he was not my type. So you know I feel your struggle....more

6 Lessons I Learned About Cooking For A New Boyfriend

When should I cook for him? What should I make? How often should I do it? These are the questions we ask ourselves in the beginning of every relationship.I come from a long line of very traditional women. My mom is a caterer and I’ve been cooking since I could hold a spoon. I remember stirring things in the kitchen and peeling potatoes as a toddler....more

You Have Two Minutes To Make A Good First Date Impression

“All dating, is speed dating” – reads the Time Out infographic from their recent the world of dating survey.According to the survey, 41% of respondents said it only took them 2-3 minutes into a first date to decide if they wanted a second one. Cities like Chicago, LA and London fared even worse with over 50% deciding that quickly....more

Is Your Independence Keeping You Single?

Ladies, we can do everything all on our own, but what if the very thing that makes you independent is also the thing that’s keeping you single?A while back, I caught a flat on the way to a lunch date. Always one for punctuality, I decided to drive to the date anyway, which was really close by, and deal with the flat afterwards.“I’m sorry I was late, I had a flat on the way here,” I explained to my date....more

When I Wasn’t Myself And Had My First Fun Date. Finally!

My first real, actually pleasurable date was on Canada Day/ July 1st. I’ll never forget it because of that and also because it was low fat, cruelty free and non work related in every way with fireworks thrown in for good measure. I fucking LOVE fireworks.#Boom....more
TY!  It's not easy to become alternate universe you so just be gentle with yourself if it ...more

What Is The Thing With Feathers.

I want to talk about Hope.  I want to talk about Hope because right now, I’m completely enmeshed in a default false intimacy sitch – I KNOW! - and Hope is my new best friend. Well, one hour she is then one hour she’s my frenemy, then we give each other facials then I’m all like: “bitch, don’t even...” and then she’s all like: “bitch, I’m not leaving…” . Yeah. Fuck. #Sigh. ...more

5 Ways To Respond To Hey Stranger And Other Annoying Texts

One of the most popular articles I’ve ever written has been “Hey Stranger… And 5 Other Texts You Should Never Send.” The number one question I receive from those who have read it is, how should I respond when I receive those types of texts?There is no one answer here. While I recommend that you don’t entertain these types of texts at all, you do have to take your history with the person into consideration....more