Online Dating: The Fad That Should Have Faded Part 1

We've all seen the commercials; “1 in 5 relationships start online” and The Eharmony ads of Dr. Warren promoting how his site will in turn find you, “the perfect partner.”  ...more

Find Your Courage for First Dates and Big Dreams

Over dumplings and noodles, I found myself deep in conversation with aerospace engineer-turned writer–turned startup founder, Jingjing Tian in Hell’s Kitchen. Jingjing is an endearing, incredibly warm woman, with a natural beauty and an enthusiasm to her movements. She is currently, individually taking on a major field of the entrepreneurial world: apps, most specifically the business of dating....more

Top 3 Questions You MUST Ask on a First Date

Stop wasting your time dating the wrong man!I was tired of dating a new man, wasting weeks and even months trying to figure him out. I knew the qualities I wanted in a man. More importantly, I knew the traits and behaviors that I positively, absolutely refused to tolerate in a relationship. Sitting in front of a man on a first date I wanted to know 3 important things:...more

What I Learned From Dating a Psychopath

When it comes to dating, I think it’s safe to lump psychopaths and narcissists in the same crazy category....more
theduckywriter  You got lucky!  Thank you for reading.more

My boyfriend says he loves me... but doesn't want to get married, what should I do?

Lisa sent the following email:Lately my boyfriend has been making small comments about why are we getting married? When I look at him, he says I'm just kidding. The wedding was supposed to be last September. He said he wasn't ready as it got closer. So we had a serious talk about it and postponed until February of this year. Now, a few weeks before he is doing it again. Making comments about why we shouldn't get married and I don't know how to handle it....more

11 'Right' Reasons to Get Married

This is a very important question and sadly, I don't think many people actually ask themselves this question until it's too late. Lets talk about the "right" reasons to get married:...more
VickiLarson I agree, making any type of commitment is a very personal choice.  Sadly, many ...more

The Reasons Why Couples Argue and How to Prevent it.

The three common reasons couples argue usually involves money, chores and time together.If you are thinking about getting married, or you are a newlywed, these are the three areas you must get into the habit of talking about regularly.  Unfortunately, most couples don't talk about these things, until they can't take it any more. And it usually sounds something like this... We don't have enough money to spend... you don't do enough around the house and I have to do everything!  We don't spend enough time together or have enough sex!...more

Please let me introduce myself.

Wow I loved your "getting married for the right reasons posts" which led me to this. This ...more

6 Secrets To A More Successful Relationship

TalentSmart has tested more than a million people and found that those who are most successful in life are those who rank high in emotional intelligence.What makes one higher in emotional intelligence? When you are able to think logically and not emotionally. While that’s no easy task, we can train ourselves to do things differently over time....more

Find Your Soul (Mate)

Let me start with a warning: you are about to read relationship advice from a woman whose last date was in 1998. I have spent the last 16 years more or less as an interfaith nun... well, the last 15 years and then 1 year as a recovering interfaith nun....more
HollyPettit Yes - I feel like I'd like to have a relationship not because I need to be loved, ...more