Awkwardly Wonderful Dating Advice - Episode 3: Female Dating Etiquette

Yesterday, I was all "I'm totally going to post today" and then guess what I didn't end up doing.... I have a good reason, though! You see, episode 3 of Awkwardly Wonderful Dating Advice was supposed to go up yesterday, but then YouTube was all "NOT YET! YOU NEED TO DO STUFF!!" Unfortunately, I didn't hear this because I was out having drinks with John Hamm who was out of town for the past few days. So, it wasn't until I got home that I realized that YouTube needed me. ...more

Ask Butta: I’m Tall And Attractive With A Great Smile! Why Do I Keep Meeting Crazy Men? And, What Do I Do About It?


Did you see this coming???? The date that made me GASP!!!! - THE END

“Bob” and I went to a historic town that had cute little shops and had lunch on our second date – well third if you count our initial meeting. He had on those shorts again…. We checked out a couple of shops before having lunch. He ordered an appetizer for us to share – but didn’t ask me if it sounded good to me….?...more

Did You see this coming??? The date that made me GASP - Part 2

“Bob” and our first “real date” Well Bob and I have been chatting on the phone and texting – a lot. A little too much for my taste but I keep reminding myself that he is in sales and trying to keep my interest. He is expressing an interest in my activities and days and is very attentive in terms of calling. I am a little wary of what seems to be one sided conversations at times. There were a few occasions when he would not comment on my story but just go on to his…. OK I said to myself – he is a successful man and wants to make sure I know it....more

Ten Tips to Kick-Start Positive Change

 All right, ladies. I trust we all got through Valentine’s Day, right? But let's make this your last February fourteenth when you don’t have a fab date! To do that, you’re going to have to make some changes. Put simply, stagnation is never good. When you refuse to change or embrace new challenges, you’re not going to get any of the good stuff that comes with opening yourself up to new experiences. ...more

nice simple tips, i'll keep it in mindmore

8 Ways to Prevent Turning to Mush around Single Men

I've heard the same thing from so many women this week that I had to ask you if this sounds familiar: "I'm generally a very friendly, confident gal...unless I'm in the company of a single man—especially one I'm attracted to. In that case I turn into mush."Why is it that when we meet or date attractive guys—even at 40, 50 or 60—we can become an Alien Woman from Planet WTF? ...more

8 First Moves to Overcome the Empty Nest Blues

The holidays are a time of separation anxiety for parents watching their children head off with their friends and respective others to celebrate. Sure, there's less laundry, fewer dirty dishes and no more heavy metal blasting at 5 AM....more