Should I Be Ashamed That I Met My Boyfriend Online?

I'm really lucky. I've met an awesomely amazing guy. We met online, on eharmony to be exact. So why should it make me feel embarrassed to tell people that I met my boyfriend online?Image by Teppo Kotirinta via FlickrIt might be my age. Way back in the day, you met people the old-fashioned way-- at work, through friends, school or the oh-so-classy way of meeting at a bar....more
Why would you be embarrassed? People meet each other in all kind of circumstances. My Dad saw my ...more

What You MUST do Before Meeting Your Ex's new Girlfriend

Whether you’ve been divorced for three minutes or three years, there will come the inevitable moment that most of us dread; the meeting of the new Significant Other.  Now, I can tell you from experience, this event is a lot like a trip to the dentist when you’re younger:  a lot of fear in the anticipation, but in the end…really it was nothing to worry about if you prepare beforehand. ...more
adelewishnot Kudos to you for moving on with your life and creating such peace for yourself!! I ...more

Life After Divorce: Meet Bethany

Divorce is one of the most devastating things you could ever put yourself or your family through. The devastating effects and the toll it takes on you and the people closest to you leaves you emotionally, financially, and physically drained and grasping for what your next move should be. In the beginning, starting a new life can seem hopeless-futile. You know you should pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move forward, but most of the time you are left wondering what exactly does forward look like?...more

Dating after divorce. 8 Tips to write your online profile and get noticed.

Dating after divorce can be scary. Here are 8 tips to write your online dating profile and get noticed.In the next few posts, I’m going to be breaking down and sharing some of the online dating tips that I learned to help you when you’re ready for dating after divorce. I didn’t learn these tips by reading some book or guide. I learned through my own trial and error. Some worked, some didn’t. I made adjustments, and each time I learned a little more than the time before. I just kept on trying....more Divorced and (Online) Dating

I went on a date last night with an amazing guy.Really, we were totally on the same page and I enjoyed his company. I liked chatting with him and watching how he talked with his hands. He was really cute, too, with beautiful blue eyes. Our date wasn’t anything fancy, either. We grabbed some grub from the local pizza joint and then decided to ride bikes to the supermarket later to get some Ben & Jerry’s to accompany an Arrested Development marathon....more
Yep. Scared to death. That's how I feel when I think about "dating". I did sign up for EHarmony ...more

Stop! The Don't Do Dating List -Dating Again:? Five Things You Must Not DO

Dating someone new is not easy for anyone. Expectations can be high, and it’s very easy to make a wrong move. Knowing what not to do on your earliest dates can help you to avoid future problems. Here are Dr. Romance’s reminders of what not to do on a date.1. Don't assume your date is exclusive with you.If you've never talked about it, you probably should.2. Don't be afraid of silence. ...more

Pros and Cons of Dating a Young Divorcee

The Pros and Cons of Dating a Young Divorcéeby Ring Finger Tan Line • April 5, 2012 • ...more

Making Time For Dating

I read a dating advice article recently that basically said dating after divorce is about time, that is knowing when the time is right to start dating and having the time to date. I know I'm on track with the first part but it's the second element that's been testing me. ...more

Mommy's Night Out

Dating after divorce is both super fun and meaningful. When I went on my first date, I felt I was sending the world a message, (Like the world gives a crap that I went on  Okay,I see that now.) Anyway, to me it was meaningful because for awhile there, I thought I would never again see a penis....more