Cycle of Attraction

With every passing minute, relationships are changing, lovers are becoming “just friends,” tears are falling, anger is stirring, truths are being exposed and everyone involved is confused - AGAIN. In the end, women are becoming weary. Exhausted. “I can’t do this again,” rumbles another heartbroken woman. ...more

Getting Beyond Bad Date, 1, 2 and 3

I am and always have been a liberal minded, free spirit whose passion for more made me hard to pin down permanently. After hundreds of bad blind dates, I am sure there were plenty of less than desirable adjectives used to describe me, from offbeat and eccentric to picky and promiscuous. I dated as if I was investing in apartments, each man I selected was a fixer-upper that with the right amount of T.L.C. would, I hoped, yield positive returns. When they never did, I recoiled and threw in the towel. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. ...more

Are you in a relationship for the wrong reasons?

Lonely, needy, bored, low-self esteem, in need of a project? ...more

National Guy Friend Appreciation Day!

National Guy Friend Appreciation Day! ...more

How Much Self-Help is Enough?

What a flipping fantastic question! When I was 33 years old I asked myself that very same question!! My library at the time brimmed with enough self-esteem-building, spirit-lifting, relationship-advising, co-dependent, neurotic, feminist, esoteric, astrological, paleontological, philosophical paradigms and relief to diagnose and heal several galaxies. From the esoteric: psychics, tarot readers, trance channels, holographic re-patterning ...more

Floppy Penis Got You Frustrated?

Floppy Penis Got You Frustrated? The other day I got an email from a girlfriend who was debating whether or not to stay with her new boyfriend. Apparently Mr. Wonderful was wonderful in everyway except in the sack. There, what should get all large and in charge just curled up and hid like a big peanut left in the bowl to rot.    ...more

Jimmy Buffett is Judging Me. Or Sympathizing, Either One.

So every now and then (probably more frequently than I would like) I really feel like the universe is looking right at me and laughing.  Rolling on the floor laughing. Such moments include when I am driving to work after a night of, uh, having one too many and Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville” comes on the radio.  Sure, you could say that has no meaning, so “Margaritaville” came on the radio?  What of it?  ...more

He's Still In My Dreams - Teaching Me About Love

This is a personal story about a man who didn’t “work out” but who still shows up from time to time in my dreams…. I was 12 years older than him, but we didn’t know it. It was a long time ago, and I’ll always think I almost married him - white picket fence and all. I met him in a computer store, in the early days of computers, when I was an actress writing screenplays, and he made his living pulling the backs off computers and switching the parts around inside before he closed them back up. ...more

that instant spark is something magical.  It's overwhelming.  It's powerful... and it's ...more

She Just Got Married, Part III - His Name is Eric

His name is Eric….They met in the sixth grade and he was her ‘bully’ – or more accurately, he was doing what sixth grade boys do when they like a girl.  And if that girl’s assigned seat just happened to be directly in front of said ‘bully’, then it made it just a little easier for him to get her attention. ...more

I'm an LWL member, too, and you've been tagged! Please visit for more ...more

What men want?

What Men Want? This is a question that must be especially troubling women in the modern times. If we ask women directly they say that men confuse them and they don’t understand what men are really looking for in a relationship. Times have indeed changed. Today women are asserting themselves in their newer role as sexually liberated career women in charge of their own destiny. What men want: The struggle of the modern man ...more