Some Date Ideas are Better in Your 30’s

For date night last Friday, S and I went for Tacos and followed that up with a Rock concert. I get it; I would scoff at this date too. I mean tacos on date night, really? And aren’t we too old to be going to Rock concerts? If I was reading this, I would conclude that the 30-something couple who went on a taco and rock show date, must have been feeling extremely nostalgic for their twenties. Oh the desperation that sets in when youth is slipping through ones fingers…...more

Date Idea: Trapeze Lesson

Two weekends ago, Stephen and I took a trapeze lesson.I had signed us up earlier this year - a $40 Groupon, so why not?Months passed, and we finally found ourselves at the the lake front starring at a steep ladder, a couple swinging bars, and a catching net.We laughed. What the hell are we doing? Yet we parked the car....more

Repairs For One

By Sonja Warfield...more

Summer Lovin' -- Fact or Fiction?

You’ve probably heard phases such as "summer lovin'" or "hot summer romance". Are these phrases backed-up by science or are they just cute little sayings that make fun songs in musicals? Most animals have a mating season, which is usually fall or spring, but humans are different. We can have sex, get pregnant, and have children anytime of the year we want. Therefore, you might wonder if spring and summer really affect our dating or sex life?   ...more