6 Ways to Balance Dating as a Single Parent (Who Works Full Time)

By dating expert Rachel DeAlto--Over 30% of children in the US are raised by single parents, and those parents deserve love too. However, the rules are a little different.How do you balance dating with the quality time you need to spend with your children, and the attention you have to give your profession?...more

Moms Gone Virtually Wild

 Well ladies, I’m glad to report that after a holiday weekend lull and a sparse chat, the mommas are back.  We had quite a lively and light-hearted chat last night; I’m delighted to report, with oodles of mommies.   Conversation topics du jour: recipes, whether or not God eats, sex changes, weird phrases that teens say, and high tech potty training invention ideas.  Actually, I’m not sure how we managed to invent a bouncing baby toilet and all leave the conversation actively hungry for pizza.  Oh yes, we’re back. :-)...more

Spending the Night When Your Partner Has Kids

How do you spend the night when your partner has a child and the child is home? Spending the night with your partner is much easier when the child is young, but once they reach a certain age, their little imaginations (or perhaps tempers) will run wild regarding mommy or daddy's new partner. Here are some little nuggets of advice for when you find yourself in this situation. ...more
eavannatte42 I'm never getting married again.  How do you suggest I proceed?more

Advice for Dating People With Children (When You Are Childfree)

She was in a relationship with a man who had a 10-year-old son, and while she was in love with both the man and the kid, she was totally lost. It turns out there is very little literature on how to date someone who has children. She was on her own. This is her advice on dating a single parent while childfree. ...more
I'm 27 with no kids and my ex/boyfriend been dating for almost two years however, he recently ...more

Merging families without marriage

Two weeks ago I wrote about moving in with my boyfriend, Mr....more

Dating Sucks

“I don't think I said or did anything wrong but I am curious to know why I feel like I am being ignored. How do I ask without sounding like a total idiot?...more
I think that dating is all fun and games and we are for the most part open and flexible with ...more