Positively Negative - the ups and downs of pregnancy tests

It’s a funny thing, trying to get knocked up.  After several months of trying to conceive the whole thing becomes an obsession that starts to possess your every waking thought. You can’t help but think: is it going to happen this month? Your mind becomes twisted up in compulsive thoughts that rational people would pay no attention to and simply dismiss as wishful thinking. ...more

Leila Lacrosseblogs each week about her attempts to get pregnant with her first child before ...more

The dangers of childhood and winter sports

  Down, but not out! Funny thing happened to me on vacation in the Swiss Alps last week; I came back from my skiing holiday with a broken leg. I didn’t break it on some really crazy, ice covered, narrow black piste overlooking a cliff – no. I broke my leg the way that most skiing injuries are incurred – standing on solid ground and simply falling over! ...more

I am Looking for a Man with More Balls than Me

In this day and age, where we rely so much on technology, we are actually forgetting how to talk to one another, wheter in person or on the phone. We rely so much on texting,messenger chat,emailing each other, that we isolate one another,avoid intimacy and connection with another human being. ...more