I went on a vacation

I went on a vacation.I love a good road trip. It was awesome to see new places and meet some of the people that the people I care about care about. In this time I experienced more than a few moments of pure happiness – kayaking on Lake Michigan, geo caching in the forrest, The Best pie ever, a detour through The Great Smokey Mountains, and another through a small Georgia town with rocking chairs on every porch  - but one moment that nobody else knows about stands out and that is the one that I want to share....more

Five Things Couples Should Do This Spring

Spring is a season of rebirth and renewal, and the perfect time to sort through your life and look forward to the future. For couples, it’s a good opportunity to rekindle their connection and make plans for what’s approaching. This article lists five things you and your partner should do this spring to celebrate your relationship and move forward. ...more